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Owner is completely disorganized - tried to do work on my car that was meant for a different customer because he'd lost all the paperwork and gotten confused. But he just seems so nice, so I went to him again. This time, he promised that if I brought my car in at 9AM to replace the tail light, it would be done by noon (when I had to be at work). Yet when I showed up at 9AM, he hadn't even ordered the part. He said it would be delivered in 3... Read more

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  • Jun 15
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I really treated fairly in that unit is good and I worked on is on the payment and the money situation so I'm really happy with Amoco in Zanesville they did real good on us and I will work a man into anybody else I need a transmission work then I'm really happy with him I give him 100%

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  • May 10
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In Hayward on mission,...AAMCO . Don't go's a setup !!! They will RIP YOU OFF. I took my ford there 18 months ago for a tranny. Not even 12,000 and again it's the tranny. This time he trying to charge me even MORE $$$ . Why, I mean it seems they didn't fix it right the first time....So yes it's a SCAM, a SETUP to suck out your hard work $$$ !!! Didn't even want to work with me...

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This is the worst place to take a vehicle, please please and please don't ever go close to AAMCO Annapolis Lanham Maryland. I don't want anyone to go through the financial losses am going through because this franchise lack the expertise to fix vehicles. My vehicle has taken more than 2 months, I have spent $5500 and they are unable to fix it. They are still holding my vehicle, these are the worst mechanics I have ever seen in my life. Please... Read more

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never fixed tranny after a month, never sent in torque convertor like they said they did, never worked on tranny except to drop it, took 3 parts when I had car AAA out of there with tranny in a box. neutral safety switch, manual gear shift lever and the sensor block. This place is a avoid at all cost shop!!!read AAMCO reviews before ever using any of these franchises. have reviewed this place before but am still trying to fix car after a year,... Read more

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  • Mar 13
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I went to this establishment to get some work done on my car they screwed me around on my time making me miss a day of work promise me one thing did not come through with it and then all of the sudden when I get my car home I noticed the antifreeze leaking like a sieve from my car never had a problem with that happening at all in the year that I've had it and driving it

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On 2/11/16, I took my mustang to AAMCO to see why my transmission was leaking an excessive amount of fluid. When I dropped it off, the manager Thomas, did the paperwork and told me they would call me in 4-5 hours to let me know what was wrong with my car. Thomas drove my car around to the back of the shop. I went home and did not hear back from them until the next day on 2/12/16. Thomas called and told me that my engine was leaking oil from... Read more

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Aamco Transmission Complaint
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Aamco Transmission Complaint 2-20-16 I changed my truck transmission filter & fluids and found a piece of metal at the bottom of the transmission oil pan. I was not sure what the metal piece was. 2-26-16 I took my truck to Roen & Rico AAMCO at 1040 E. Willow St., Signal Hill Ca. and showed the metal piece that I found in the transmission oil pan to a man named David. David told me that it is part of an overdrive snap ring. He then gave me a hand... Read more

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Aamco corporate does not stand behind their franchises and false claims. Had an issue with transmission slipping between 4th and 5th on an Audi TT. Being the dealership was 45 minutes away and aamco claims to repair anything on any car as well as the dealership, I decided to let them look at the transmission. Big mistake... They test drive it and claimed it was the engine missing causing the problem, they sounded convincing so I spent $600 on... Read more

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I had a transmission leak took it to them because they had worked on my car before with know problems. Was told that I had three leaks, and that they would have to take the trans out to get to them. Ok. He called me and told me that my car was ready, but when I went to pick it up the next day it was inside with the hood up and mechanic was working on it, strange because it's suppose to be ready, He had asked for my card # before the work was... Read more

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