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DO NOT BRING YOUR VEHICLE HERE!! First told it will take 3-8 business days to complete. Day3- get a quote Day 8- get a new quote for more than double the original. Transmission is in pieces and they want to reassemble it before a tow truck brings it somewhere else and it will take at least a few more days to reassemble it. Now we're up to 11 working days - no vehicle - can't go to work. Then they demand cash to release the vehicle. This... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 23
  • #906041

Owner is a ***. Thinks he knows it all. Cottman down the street is highly recommended.

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Went to my local AAMCO for transmission repair. Wound up needing a new transmission. Total cost $4,200. Torque converter shudder started with 20,000 miles left on the warranty. Replaced the transmission still had torque converter shudder. The AAMCO shop that i deal with check the whole engine and said there was no compression to cylinder 4, and low compression to the other 6 cylinders. He said if i replaced the engine the shudder will go away. I... Read more

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I contacted Dave a day before bringing my truck to be serviced to correct my gear indicator because it was off track and ask him over the phone how much would it be to correct the problem and he told me to bring it in to the shop because he didn't want to give me a price and while there it's something more that have to be done. Dave ad his wife and employee was very professional and polite and corrected my problem in a small period of time and... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 13
  • #900032

We were ripped off horribly by Carl Cox. We got tricked by free towing. It was all a joke. He ended up making my mom pay $2600 and trying to take her title. Shes still trying to find a way to get that money. They trick you by saying they offer finance options. It was all a scam. The salesman probably makes big commissions.

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I had bad experience with aamco I took there to check my transmission and Peter claim everything looks good but to run another test it's going to cost me $189.00 plus tax. Telling me without this test they can't really tell what's going on . So I agree which I think this how they get over when they alreay knew what was going on. Anyway call me back talking it is the transmission and how aamco is the only that can fix this type of... Read more

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I took my Nissan in Delaware to have serviced & was told initially I needed a transmission but they called me back & said " good news it's not the trans but it's the oil pan & it will be cheaper" I was happy , trusted them to fix the problem , a month later took it back w similar issues but worst & was told it's my transmission now. They refuse to give me a discount . Took my truck to Nissan dealer & was told my vehicle was initially... Read more

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Owner is completely disorganized - tried to do work on my car that was meant for a different customer because he'd lost all the paperwork and gotten confused. But he just seems so nice, so I went to him again. This time, he promised that if I brought my car in at 9AM to replace the tail light, it would be done by noon (when I had to be at work). Yet when I showed up at 9AM, he hadn't even ordered the part. He said it would be delivered in 3... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Jun 15
  • #866381

I really treated fairly in that unit is good and I worked on is on the payment and the money situation so I'm really happy with Amoco in Zanesville they did real good on us and I will work a man into anybody else I need a transmission work then I'm really happy with him I give him 100%

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  • From mobile
  • May 10
  • #845426

In Hayward on mission,...AAMCO . Don't go's a setup !!! They will RIP YOU OFF. I took my ford there 18 months ago for a tranny. Not even 12,000 and again it's the tranny. This time he trying to charge me even MORE $$$ . Why, I mean it seems they didn't fix it right the first time....So yes it's a SCAM, a SETUP to suck out your hard work $$$ !!! Didn't even want to work with me...

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