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Pottstown PA AAMCO

  • by   Dec 01, 2010
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Company AAMCO
Product / Service Shop Practices
Location Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Category Service Centers and Customer Services
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Monetary Loss

Again - Pottstown PA AAMCO.
Owner is good @ padding bills for labor and parts.
Unfortunately my young son was driving alone visiting a friend and staying that evening when the vehicle had broke, literally within pushing distance of AAMCO.
A Technician opened the hood to find the serpentine belt came off because the idler pulley bracket portion (inclusive bracket for a/c compressor & alternator) had broke.
Wanting to handle it himself, the owner informed him of a price
but it couldn't be repaired till the following day. Worse, he gave him cash to do it.
The vehicle was pushed from front of building to the side with a fenced lot. Yeah - That took a whole hour of labor.
Checked following day and vehicle would be done by closing @ 5 PM. They had closed early.
Vehicle remained behind fence for 4 1/2 days. Beware the fenced lot for your protection - keep believing if you want.
Shop did leave a serpentine belt in vehicle. No argument about the shop being compensated for the part. Until the $ - Local dealership charges half the price for a factory replacement part.
Found and bought required bracket and pulley myself.
Thanks for heads up guys - Unsatisfactory dealings with vendors.
Under shop observation, vehicle was removed from fenced lot and moved around corner in front of another establishment.
I performed the labor disassembling and reassembling taking less than an hour.
This is a crook! Figured a franchise business would have more professional people running them, LOL with AAMCO.
FYI - if you care to reach out . .
The owner is Doug Gregory
Company phone: 610-970-1844
Email: dgregory.6gllc@gmail.com 30a20c3

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Apr 09, 2011 
Not that it helps with what you went thru but the Pottstown Location is now under NEW OWNERSHIP!
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Dec 16, 2010 
Sorry to hear that. Please post more details about your experience at this shop. Especially with the owner(s)
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