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My car was towed to the Aamco in Inglewood on March 8th because it would not move forward. The owner/manager was called within 24 hours to provide the warranty information to secure authorization for the repair of the car. For 3 weeks, the car sat in the shop without the owner seeking authorization. This cost me money in rental car charges that would have otherwise been covered by the extended warranty coverage. If the shop had simply called the warranty company, provided a diagnosis and a projected cost for repairs, my rental coverage would have kicked in. I had to hand hold the repair shop through the process of securing the approval and even had to work with the warranty company to ask them not to penalize me because the shop owner had not followed through.

The car was picked up on Monday, March 25th and I drove it to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday evening when I left the office, I found my car sitting in a red puddle of transmission fluid. The repair that the car was in the shop for was for transmission repair. The car NEVER LEAKED before it was taken into this shop. When I called the shop to tell them about needing to tow the car back in for repair, the staff was a rude and nasty as they could be. The man who answered the phone insinuated that I was working on the car after I took it from the shop, which was FALSE. Because of the $3k paid by the warranty company and the $300 paid by me toward the deductible, I had the car towed back to the Aamco shop on March 29th to have the work completed there. Just shy of a full week later, I contacted the warranty company daily to see if the car approval had been given I was told that the repair shop had never contacted them about a diagnosis on the repairs and a proposed ‘cost to fix’ estimate had not been done. I called the repair shop every day and spoke with either Veronica or with Juan. Because of the shop’s lax response in contacting the warranty company with the necessary information, they did not pay for my rental car.

I contacted Aamco on March 29th, March 30th, April 1st, April 2nd, April 3rd and April 4th. The contact on April 4th included a visit to the shop to find out what the status of the repair was. At that time, Veronica indicated that she had been calling me daily. I checked my phone log and found that she had not called at all. In addition, she never, ever left a message. When I finally reached her on April 3rd, she told me that she needed the number of the warranty company again because she had written it on a post-it-note and could not find it. Further proof that the warranty companies claims were true that she had never called for authorization or to report that my car had been sitting in the shop for almost a week.

On Thursday, April 4th, I again paid to have the car towed from Aamco to the Lincoln Mercury dealer who indicated that the lines that kept the transmission cool during the cars operation had been bypassed and cut. According to the master service technician at the dealership, “this car has been butchered” “why they would bypass the lines, I have no idea. That is what keeps the car running cool.”

When my Father accompanied the tow truck driver, - who would take my car away from Aamco for repair - was approached by Veronica at the Aamco site. She insisted that he sign a document stating that we were REFUSING work on the car. My father told her that the car had been sitting in their shop a total of almost 4 weeks; less the three days I was able to drive it from March 26th - 28th. He told her he would not, under any circumstances, sign the document and told her that she should be ashamed for asking him to sign such a deceptive document. They were able to take the car, without incident after that attempt to intimidate him into signing the false document.

I have been given an estimate of approximately $3,400.00 to repair the car and get it back into a fully functional state. The Aamco in Inglewood should simply return the money to the warranty company and allow me to go to the dealership to get the repairs completed. Additionally, there should be some compensation for the rental car charges that never would have been required had Aamco followed through with contacting the warranty company and providing the information required to get the car repaired. Ultimately, I would like to close this chapter, return my rental car and get my car back.

Nine weeks later, no car, more than $1200 in rental car charges and no assistance from Aamco's corporate office at 201 Gibraltar Rd, Horsham, PA 19044. I have been speaking with one of the officers who, to date, has not assisted with resolving the issue.

An absolute travesty. The most unprofessional and unethical organization I have ever, ever encountered.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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I thought I was the only one dealing with horrible service. Thank you for this post.


I am so sorry that you are dealing with a horrible situation too. Mine is going on week 12 now with no resolution.

I hope yours is wrapped up quickly. Blessings!

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