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I took my 98 Honda in because the transmission was leaking no problem with the transmission just leaking thinking no big deal to get it fixed at a place that specializes in transmissions. WRONG! The 1st owner of the Aamco told me that it would be $1,000 to fix it the leak because they had to pull the transmission to fix it. But the over all condition of the transmission was very good. I understood that cost of having to pull the transmission would be expensive and it would stop leaking. I agreed to let them to the work after all it a transmission shop. WRONG! Well 6 trips back its still leaking.

The owner of that shop goes out of business and new owner comes in. I explain to him my situation. He tells me that he has only be there 1 week and already has 4 other cars that he has to fix form the previous owner.

Well that new seal fixed the leak. WRONG! So I go back this is now my 8 trip back. And that guys gone.

So now I have to go though the whole deal with the 3rd owner of this one shop. He agrees to look at the transmission.

Now I am told that the 1st guy missed everything up in the transmission and he needs to rebuild the whole transmission. But he will fix the leak and I will have a whole new transmission after all this is a transmission shop. WRONG! But since I have had such a hard time with this he to it for $2,000. We I am all ready in the hole with Aamco for $1,000. And this guy seem to be honest, and Aamco is a big company and has been in business for years.

Well after the total rebuild and $2,000 the leak should stop.WRONG! Its still is leaking. I go back again. We can see where it is leaking now. We will have to order a part to fix it. OK I say. I go back the nest week. They tell that the parts dept. sent them the red part and I need the green part. But I should call around 2:00 pm next week to make sure the part is in before I drive over.

So next week at 2:00 pm I call and ask is the part in to fix my car. I don't know say the mechanic on the phone. He yells for the information and comes back to me and say call back in 1 hour UPS has not delivered here yet. I call back at 3:00 pm no answer. So I drive there and guess what he out of business.

I call corpate and they will honor my warranty and take care of everything.WRONG! I take care to a different store now they keep it for a week and it still leaks. I go back again I think this is my 52th trip back to Aamco center. They need to order a part to fix it. OK I take it back next week and nobody knows what going on because the guy I talked to is off that day and could I back next week.

I go back next week and he there and puts the new part on, but oh yeah but if it still leaks we need to replace the axle now and that will be HOW MUCH, ARE YOU @#@#$ KIDDING!

Well $3,000, 52 trips red parts, greens parts, and 15 months later my transmission is still leaking. Oh and there corporate office will only scheduled the warranty work. Sorry that's a external part. The 1st 52 trips and the rebuild won't take care of that. I guess it take 53 trips and $3500 to fix a leaking transmission.

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That really sucks....and that is one of the worst stories I have read...every trans shops have cars that are difficult or misdiagnosed...but the owner swap makes it worse....new owners never want to fix things for free....but had they done their job right then you would referring friends...I don't blame your anger and they didn't deserve you business. They will lose more money treating customers so poorly then they can save by avoiding repairs.


My transmission quit on me and i first checked the obvious...fluid,shift linkage etc. I realized the problem was internal so i called aamco and they sent a tow truck to have my car towed to their shop.The guy in charge as overly friendly and braggd about ho easy it was going to be to fix this problem because he teaches people how to remove transmissions from Saabs...i have a Saab 9000.Told me he will work with me whatever that means i have no idea.Next day i called him and he said he has to pull the engine and take apart the transmission to find out the problem.I asked how much it will cost and his whole attitude changed from being overly friendly to sarcastic.He said how is he supposed to know how much it will cost until he takes everything apart.At that point i told him point blank to leave my car alone because i will not let him hold my car hostage.He then told me that i owed him $125 for towing the car 3 miles.I decided to give him the $125 just to get rid of him.I've decided to change the transmission myself.Screw aamco.

Lynette H

They ripe people off. They don't fix the problem, they adjust it so you have to go back and spend more money or you're basicly screwed! :(


AAMCO really does suck huh? ..... Just so very happy to be Canadian.I would take this Corporate Co to small claims court and make them 100% responsible for the terrible BS you've been forced to endure.If a company did that up here in Canada, they would be sued to the hilt.


I can so relate to this...I heard the same thing with my car. The "axle is causing the leak" and too much fluid must be AAMCO's standard answer.

I caution everyone to not take their car to AAMCO unless you want to be thousands short in your savings and your car still not be repaired properly. Ask around to friends, family, and co-workers for a more reliable shop.

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