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GUEST WHAT- I pick my car and the fault was not the starter or alternator or battery as said by AAMCO I did not needed to buy all those parts which I brought .The fault was the grounding bolt or earthing bolt sparking because the screw was not tied properly under the car for some reason it got loose.oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.WHAT IS WRONG WITH AAMCO.

Mercedes ML 430 .Arrived on 8/07/12 report to manager Sean Rodgers at AAMCO Tracy that my car would not start and requested for that to be diagnosed or check he call me back after two days and said you have a bad alternator I ask him how much would that cost me for workmanship and parts

$670 paid and one year warranty on part fitted .

job done and i pick my car up after about 9 days 08/16/12 that starting problems began again I call sean he ask me to bring the car back i took it there it break down at the dmv tracy before I arrived at their shop. He ask his boys to help tow the car to his shop they diagnosed this time he said the old alternator has burnt out the starter that I needed a new starter he check and said it would cost me 475.99 I PAID and he gave me another one year warranty on that part job done.

I thought all my problems are over I took my car to work at patterson on my way back it breakdown

I CALL SEAN RODGERS I told him your alternator or started is bad THE CAR needed to be tow from patterson to tracy one hour away I call my insurance geico they call a patterson city tow service .

When it arrived at the AAMCO GARAGE the manager ask his boys to diagnosed the car and the alternator fail the tow service bill was $300 he refused to pay that billed and stand by his warranty instead he ask geico to cover that cost I said am very sorry we put a faulty part on your car. The tow service said the would take my car and lock it up after a big arguments I PAID by credit card that day I HAD MISSED ANOTHER DAY OF WORK.

Today is Tuesday 08/21/12 AAMCO is still having my car i have gone and hired another CAR.They kept calling and saying our supplyer kept sending the wrong part to us.I AM NOT SURE IF THEY KNOW WHAT IS ACTUALY WRONG WITH THE CAR THE NEED TO CALL MERCEDES FOR HELP HELP PLEASE.

Repair service -$1145.99




car hired to replace -still not sure how much it would cost me.

Car some one out there help with this company costomer affairs.

I have call AAMCO co-operate office and explain all my problems they have not call me back am still waiting for their call. I have left six message no reply .just yet

Eddie Geh

Mobile 9257594831

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John N

Not sure why you would take a Mercedes to AAMCO for a starting problem. Best to take this brand to a dealer.

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