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My advise is to never take your car to be serviced at this AAMCO location 2157 N CICERO CHICAGO IL 60639.

I dropped my car off at 8 am and at 9:30 am I received a strange phone call from the shop which consisted of "Has anyone been messing around with your car?" well no except for Jiffy lube and pep-boys for repairs here and there. Why the question with no reason to ask I thought? I also thought is there something weird you have found I should know about? Well this will make more sense toward the end of my story.

I recently had a situation where the check engine light came on and the car had trouble accelerating and shifting out of first or second gear. I was told it was the transmission by another mechanic and he suggested taking the vehicle to AAMCO or to the dealer. I chose AAMCO because they specialize in transmissions. I was informed by AAMCO that they had checked the car diagnostically and the codes were for the transmission however they were not ELECTRICAL codes but rather MECHANICAL codes and the trans would need to be taken out of the car, taken apart and possibly overhauled costing no less than $1500. When I said no thank you I will be in to pick up my car I received a phone call from the store serviceman about a half hour later offering me a "feasible alternative" which he was "confident would have the car problems solved". The story suddenly changed as far as what was causing the trouble with my car. It was no longer a mechanical problem located on the inside of the transmission but rather a problem with the solenoid sensors on the outside of the transmission. But the catch here was the solenoid sensors are located (according to him) in a panel on the outside of the trans which requires the trans to be removed from the car in order to access these solenoid sensors. Seriously?? Suddenly went from mechanical to electrical but this would only cost me at least $800. I politely declined and proceeded to drive 15-20 mph all the way to Lincolnwood Illinois where the car dealership is located.

It turns out the car dealership said I do not need a new transmission nor new solenoid sensors and the transmission. The car has some wore out wires which run along the underside of the vehicle that had been pinched are spliced and corroded and need replacing. Fixing it at the dealership did not even cost 1/3 of what the AAMCO shop wanted to charge me.

I wonder if the AAMCO noticed these wires and that was the reason for the question regarding has anyone been messing around with your car? Even if they did not notice this I believe they are incompetent and do not know how to properly diagnose a vehicles transmission problems or just plain crooks out to take as much money from consumers as they can by pretending to conduct unnecessary repairs on vehicles. It is a shame that someone would try to take advantage of another person like this. This shop lives up to the stereo-type given to auto mechanics regarding ripping people off. I want to share my experience so hopefully this does not happen to anybody else.

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I wish i had seen these reviews before taking my car to aamco. I was taken in by an "internet special" that would diagnose my transmission problem for free.

Of course as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. After the free diagnosis, they ended up telling me that i would need to pay over $800 dollars to accurately diagnose what was wrong with my car which consisted of taking apart my transmission. After getting me to commit... i should have known better, i get a call back a couple of days later saying that the transmission repair would be over $3,800!!!

Hind sight is 20/20 don't fall for the gimmicks ..... run, run away fast and don't look back




You knew what they did the same to me. My check engine light came on and i brought it to them.

They said it was a solenoid sensors gone bad. They charge me $200 dollars to and the engine light still comes on.

Then they told me it was a bad vp senors charge me another $120 and just now the engine light came back on. this is the loctaion in Lilburn Ga

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