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This was the most horrible experience I've had at a car shop . I just moved to the area and was in search of a mechanic to fix my car , a Cadillac SRX , which had a broken rear end .

I was referred to AAMCO by one of their customers and was told maybe they would be able to fix it ...I called and spoke to TONY , who told me I could bring my car in to be diagnosed for free . I took my car to the shop on AUGUST 19, 2016 . I was told the repair for this would be a little over $1000 and I would have my car back within 5 days . One week passes and I call for an update I get " your car will be ready tomorrow " ...OK .

Tomorrow comes and I receive no call or update , so I call back the following day only to be told " your car will be ready tomorrow " again . OK . This pattern went on for the next MONTH . One day I was told " they are looking at it now " I pass by and my car is in the same spot .

I was told they received a "faulty piece " and had to be sent back ...twice ...When the differential got on the car , TONY and his men then " couldn't get the sensors to act right " . Then it was " you need an axle " ..which was another $750 . Lies , broken promise to receive a call back and disappointment is all I received from this shop ! Finally after being told " tomorrow " for four weeks straight ...I decided to call corporate and maybe they could see what was really going on .

Corporate was RUDE and told me TONY claimed " I had financial issues " and " a lot of stuff was wrong with my car " . This was a complete lie . We only discussed two issues with my car and all parts and labor were agreed to be paid in full upon completion . The lady was rude and said to me " well I'm not the middle man , yes we are corporate but the are owned by individual persons " I told her I was never returning to this company and would be leaving them a bad review & she showed no remorse because she did not care , no help from corporate .

I continued to try and work with TONY for two more weeks , still hearing " tomorrow " and waiting for calls that I didn't recoeve . Finally I was fed up with it all and asked for my car back . I called on SEPTEMBER 28, 2016 and stated I would pick up my car on SEPTEMBER 30 whether it was fixed or not ...of course TONY still tries to convince me to leave it there . When Friday comes around he still tells me that the car is not finished and he would have to charge me " $110 diagnostic fee " and " 30 hours worth labor " .

NO SIR YOU WILL NOT ! So he then says that he would have a price for me Saturday....guess what , I never heard from TONY until I called him Monday morning OCTOBER 3, 2016 when he then stated " just come get your car off MY lot " as if I've done something wrong !!!! SIR for the last month and a half my small children and I went through *** trying to get back and forth to work , school etc . EXCISE ME FOR BEING UPSET THAT YOU COULDNT JUST TELL ME YOU CANT FIX MY CAR !!!

I was upset about the situation after the week he promised but NEVER did I have an attitude or rudeness with TONY !

NEVER WILL I EVER take my car here or recommend ANYONE to take their car to this location or this company !! Horrible customer service and on top they are liars and obviously don't know what they are doing !

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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