Phoenix, Arizona

AAMCO has just plain LIED and CHEATED us twice. We were foolish enough to give them the benefit of the doubt the second time.

We took our car in the first time to get a tune up they sent us to another AAMCO claiming they couldn't do the tune up at that time but had a specialist at another address. The next place they sent us to after we said again, we need a TUNEUP....they looked at the car and said because their diagnostic machine was not working that had to take the car apart to check it and then when they took all morning to do that..they told my husband HE needed a tune-up ....what? a TUNEUP?....HELLO we told tham that before they took it apart so they charged for the taking it apart and we never got a tuneup. I guess we are foolish for forgiving them and we took our car later to get the AC looked at and freon added.

It was kinda working but off and on they said there was no leaks but that they added Freon and did a A/C Dye and said it should be working now.. AFTER spending $309.39 we took it home and nothing appeared much different, it had the same we asked them to check it again after a few days....they said bring it in now. We waited another long day for them to tell us our A/C had to be rebuilt it wouldn't last long and had major problems but that the filled it back up with freon. We took it home and immediately noticed the A/C only blew warm air.

I called TONY back up and asked what exactly did you do for me? If my A/C was in bad condition why didn't you tell me that the first time we brought it in instead of charging us for a... non-fix. He said that he did put freon in.

We took it to another PHX local mexican guy who had a reputation for doing good work on A/c ...he checked the car said yeah nothing is wrong with your a/c fan, no leaks but just no freon...WELL...AAMCO WHERE IS THE BLASTED FREON YOU MADE US PAY 350.00 for.?..We took it home from the nice honest mexican mechanic and it worked...All we wanted was a TUNE-up and Freon and AAMCO SCREWED US OVER......We will no longer affiliate with anybody of your AAMCO Company.. Tony seemed nice...

but obviously lied through the skin of his scaly teeth.

Monetary Loss: $309.

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