Morristown, New Jersey

We paid $2500 for a transmission rebuild at the Shawnee Mission, KS AAMCO that lasted less than 500 miles. The second AAMCO shop said that it was the exact same reason for repair that we'd paid $2500 for in Kansas.

The emergency roadside assistance we were given hadn't even kicked in yet because the repairs lasted less than 10 hours. We had to wait overnight to contact the Kansas shop. A tow truck was dispatched from Madison, Tennessee and took almost 8 hours to arrive and pick up our vehicle.

Calls to customer service were met with the verbatim response "are you calling to complain or what do you want us to do". Not once did the customer service rep ask if we were still stuck on the side of the road or if we'd had to get a hotel over night. The agent at ext. 314 said she'd call back after calling the Kansas shop for an update. A week and a half later she called back and left a message but has yet to return 3 messages left.

It took almost another week for our vehicle to be returned to us after having been "repaired again" in Tennessee. We'll see how long these repairs last. Customer service has been nonexistent in this whole process.

Monetary Loss: $2600.

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ok the reality is that AAMCO is a rip off, having been a tech at one, and dabbling in management, having seen how they operate, its a rip off, plain and simple.scare tactics, pressure sales, and knowing you are in the power position once you have the customers car are ALL IN THE MANAGEMENT TRAINING COURSE. its a near criminal mentality.

I worked for Todd Cox in New Braunfels Texas, who is now in jail (yeah i'm laughing at his dumb *** no one will bail him out) facing life in prison for burning 2 of his own aamco shops for insurance money(fraud, arson, organized crime), and the lawsuits are piling up against him. the attitude is "screw em all, but dont get caught". and as a customer you have NO recourse, the police cant help, been called to our shop 4 times in my short time there. i quit because of a crisis of conscience, as soon as i realized what was going on i couldnt stay in good conscience.this is not an aberation, ITS THE RULE.

this is how they operate. no good or bad shops, all AAMCO centers are BAD.

final thought BEWARE!


Heres the Deal JOE DIRT, its not common to install used parts without the consent of the owner of the vehicle otherwise its called fraud! as the customer is under the understanding that a rebuilt transmission is just that rebuilt with new parts!

Also, its true the trany shop dosent make the parts however they choose the quality of parts that they use and if they are going for the cheepest that they can get there hands on than its like the saying goes you get what you pay for!

Most and I do mean most AAMCO's are not even ATRA American Transmission Rebuilders Association cetrified! this means that they probably hired some bozo shade tree mechanic off the streets to do there rebuild's! atra is what ase is to a regular mechanic it means they have proof that they have been trained in the mechanics of transmissions! I found out to late in the game about all this stuff now its up to a court to figure it all out, I really dont see why you are defending these AAMCO's are you an AAMCO owner? if so I feel sorry for you.

The real bottom line is that 95% if not higher of all AAMCO'S are *** they are out to get your money and thats that! they will lie to you they will steal from you they will cheet you.


I paid 5k for an aamco to buid me a custom trany for a diesle pick-up,they had to remove it 5 times because of errors on there part and when it was all said and done the trany only lasted 6 months and then burned up due to metal chips being left in the valve body causeing the pressure relife valve to fail in the open position! the metal chips were left in there from the modificatins done to the valve body, thus causing high line pressure causeing the pump seal to blow out,bottom line I was on the other side of the U.S. when it failed took it to a local aamco they called the original aamco the original shop tried to deny warranty I threatend a lawyer he gave in and paid for repairs all in all it took 12 days to work it out I missed christmass with my kids over it plus had to pay for a valve body 850.00 plus 12 days hotel at 700.00 plus 200.00 worth of amsoil trany fluid! the original shop paid for new clutches new steels new torqu converter new sun gear new planetary gears they could not locate a new drum so they had to install a used one!! ok so basicaly they rebuilt it again this makes time number 6 I get on the road to make the 2600 mile trip home and the front seal blows out another 200 bucks worth of amsoil shot to ***! I bought a case of amsoil and had to dump in 2 quarts every 300 miles (Roughly) made it back to the west cost now in the morning I need to call up aamco head quarters and tell them they screwed again time to take it out again this time makes time number 7 its been taken out!!!

Buyer Beware!!! you have been warned use these fools at your own risk I found out way to late in the game! most of these shops are not even ATRA certified (American Transmission Rebuliders assosciation) once they got your miney thats it , find yourslef a good local small shop thats ATRA certified all ATRA shops honor each others warrantys!

I still want my money back for the valve body and the hotel cost and the amsoil the missing chrisrtmass with my kids was priceless you cant put a price on lost time! my wife was with me on this trip so she missed out with the kids as well they had to do it with the grandparents AAmco cant replace the lost time it will always be rememberd as the christmas with out there parents!

head the warning go somewhere else all AAmco's are pretty much the same I have done a lot of checking since this all began and I have looked over at leat a thousand complaints from all over the U.S. and it sounds as if they all are out to lie cheet and steal from you,I will probably have to hire a lawyer but thats ok I would rather see the lawyer get all the money just so as they have to make it right I may try to gety up a web site to see if all people wronged by aamco can file a class action suite if everyone divyed up 5 bucks or even 10 we could hire a lawyer and go after these rip off artist someone did it with Sears and there auto repair shop about 20 yrs ago and they had to pay restitution to a lot of people plus they were put on probation.

This is my sad story it is true it did happen to me and my wife yuo could be next if you choose to use aamco I dont know you you dont know me I have no reason to lie to you not to mention if it were not true than why would I waste my time writting this?

think about it.

Good Luck you.


joe dirt your a piece yourself, i've seen a number of your reply's and they are all the same. sounds like parts failed.

sounds like your an ***. don't defend shops that half *** a repair.....


they installed used parts, very common.....shitheads


Well it sounds like parts failed. Shops only buy the parts they dont make them.

Thats why they gave you a warranty. You were a victim of circumstance being away from home breaking down again if you are going to blame someone find out who the parts supplier is and lay it on them and off of the company that installed the parts.

@Joe Dirt

I worked at an aamco for two years. Two years too long.Its a complete rip off people. Went to a couple of their meetings and couldn't believe my ears.They actually teach you how to rob customers or as they call them, the prey.STAY AWAY FROM AAMCO.ITS NOTHING BUT A SCAM AND A RIPOFF.

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