Morrow, Georgia
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They had terrible service. I was dealing with a rep name dan. He told me several lies.

1. That my I needed to pay $20 for gas. When I picked up my car is was still empty.

2. I needed a battery. I had the same battery in my car when I picked it up. Paid $99 for and additional $100 for labor.

3. I was told since I was getting a batter I would get additional cost off the price of the repairs. When I was paying I mentioned the discount and he said he gave me a web discount but we never talked about it.

4. I was told if anything goes wrong bring the car back.

5. After I picked up my car it failed emission twice. They said it had nothing to do with them.

6. My check engine light came on and he Dan asked me what code and told me to take it some where else to get checked and if its transmission codes bring it back. I reminded him that he told me to bring the car back if it had problems and he said not to bring it that day they were to busy bring it in the morning.

7. I mentioned to him some red fluid was dripping and Dan got smart and said he told me if it starts dripping it was my responsibility to bring the car back. I told him that's why I was calling and he said then bring it right now.

The server before I dropped my car off was alright. After they had my car at the location they treated me horrible and super rude. I am out of 2500 and now my car is still broken and they are saying it might be something else. I asked them to do a thorough inspection prior to fixing it to make sure what was wrong. They indicated it was the transmission. Now the car is having problem with the check engine light and the oil light are coming on. I am totally dissatisfied with the service. I could have had the transmission done for $1000 less from a foreign shop that was two doors down but I decided to go American thinking I would get better service. But this American company treated me like garbage. I'm out of money and out of a car.

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