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I took my truck to an AAMCO on Cave Creek and Cactus for service, I was quoted a price for the service. I picked up my truck when service was done and tried to present a coupon that would save me 10% which is $73.70 and the owner (Steven Becht) said he can't accept the coupon because he gave me a special rate to begin with. I would assume when you accept coupons you have to take them from everyone, you can't turn one away claiming there was a special rate given. It's unethical and probably illegal. Also they claim they discarded my parts right after working on my truck therefore they couldn't give them to me when I picked up the truck 6 hours after it was worked on, which give me the impression that they sold me parts they didn't put in and just adjusted what I had. (transfer case chain and sprockets)

I am out $73.70 that should have been entitled to me with the coupon.

Ryan Shea

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You may not be happy about the service you received but there is nothing illegal (or even unethical) about not accepting a coupon that isn't presented when the car is brought in.

You are not "entitled" to any money because a discount is a gift that is given to the customer. If you get it- that's great! If not, you are still paying the price you agreed to pay.

Stop expecting auto repair shops to give away parts and their time for free, they are a business! Don't be surprised when they act like one!


shut up DB you f**kin ***.


sounds like sour grapes to me


You cant "Adjust" the chain or sprockets in a transfer case.


The coupons say right on them "present coupon at time of service", so you are supposed to present the coupon when you first bring your car in.

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