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AAMCO 12901 Dixie Hwy, Louisville Kentucky has promised to have my truck fixed 4 days ago. The office Manager promises to call me about the status....it never happens.

I must call him.

It started August 17, 2010 on a Tuesday when I called AAMCO to get an idea about them fixing the rear end of my Chevy Suburban. Matt Hardenberg, the Manager, gave me a quote over the phone and told me that if I had my truck in the shop Wednesday morning that he would have it fixed and back to me by Friday afternoon. Tod me I had to make an appointment. So I did, I drove my truck to their shop Wed morning.

Matt told me at the counter he would have my truck completed by Friday afternoon. I told him I was from another state and I wanted to make sure the warranty would be good at any AAMCO. He said YES. Matt took my keys, I signed papers and off I went.

I was in Louisville Kty due to my father was on vacation with my sister from Atlanta and my father had a heart attack. So I came up from Fla because of his condition. Matt Hardenberg and the shop owner John Summers were both informed of this. Friday arrives, no phone calls from AAMCO.

SO I called them about 1:30pm. Matt answered the phone, I asked the status of my truck, Matt said they did not have the part. Matt said they would get the part Saturday and have it completed. I informed Matt that I needed to leave to return to Fla on Saturday but now I am being forced to stay.

Matt told me he would keep me informed. I had to call Matt @ AAMCO because he still did not return a call or have the courtesy to call me to inform me of the status. Saturday afternoon, August 21, 2010, I called Matt and he informed me that the part - rear end - was delivered and wrong. Matt then said it would be Monday before they could get it done.

I again informed Matt that this delay of theirs was costing me $200.00 a day and that I needed to return to Fla. Matt stated that he would do all he could and call me to keep me informed. So....Monday rolls around.....at 12:45 pm yes....of course.....I called Matt. Again he tells me that they do not have the part as of yet.

Matt says AGAIN that he sent a guy to pick it up. I ask Matt....."Will my truck be done today?" Bet you know what he said.....Matt says YES your truck will be done today. I called AAMCO at 4:48 pm..... the shop mechanic answers the phone, I explain who I am and what I am waiting for.

The mechanic tells me that as far as he knows the rear for my truck was ordered that morning and he would have Matt call me back. So....here it is....August 23, 2010....at 7 pm..... I am sure you guessed....Matt Did Not Call Me Back either.

So what does a person do when you are from out of town for family emergency and in need of mechanical repair such as mine? Remain at the mercy of the shop you take it to?

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Well, it is well past the SECOND install of another rear axle for my truck. (Over $600.00 cost to me again) This one seems to cause the engine to work harder for which raises the temperature of the engine. Another mechanic looked at it and said it has drag in the axle.Of course my brakes still don't work any better either, not the back brakes. I don't get it with the Corporate office. They really aren't concerned with what the "Customer" has to say about the services and worked performed.

Lesson highly expensively LEARNED.

I am not sure What if any Warranty is there now, shall I dare even try to get results on this axle?

I guess what it comes down to is....I needed in a case during a family emergency....800 miles from my home.....and learned from the whole experience the hard way. $1900.00 worth - plus.


I can't believe this place is even still in business! They ripped me off in 1990 and had a stack of complaints back then.

I took a Ford Escort in for a diagnostic due to shifting problems. I received a call the same day stating that the transmission would need to be replaced for a cost of $750. I was a 25 year old student at the time and there was no way I could afford it. So,I told them that I did not want the car fixed and that I would be sending a tow truck later that afternoon to pick the car up.

End of story or so I thought. I called back to inform them of the exact time the tow truck would arrive and was told the car was fixed because I authorized the repair! The back and forth began with it eventually ending in that it was my word against theirs and they had the car so what was I going to do about it. The bottom line is that I lost the car because I let them intimidate me out of my rights.

To add insult to injury, when I went to retrieve my items out of the car, they had stripped the car of my stereo and speakers and stolen everything else of value. When I confronted them about it, I was cursed at and threatened with the police if I didn't leave the premises. To make sure they got the last word, they even went as far as to send my "account" to a collection agency for the amount of the repair and 45 days of storage at a cost of $25/day. It was a humiliating experience that has definitely stuck with me over the years.

I wish I knew then what I know now, because It would have had a much different outcome. But the positive was finding out that there were scam artists like this out there, which motivated me all the way through law school!!


I await WARRANTY repairs at this time


You wanted or could only afford a used differential. Sometimes they (THE JUNK YARD) send us the wrong parts.

This is out of our hands and this happened Friday late in the afternoon. When the issue came up of a wrong part we put forth extra effort to obtain the part and unfortunately going into the weekend it was impossible to do so any faster than that. When information was made available about the status of the parts availability you were contacted. If we were waiting on an update from our supplier we would inform you of that and contact you when we were contacted.

When you asked about a discount for the inconvenience it was stated that if we were in a position to do so we would, but to expedite the process we paid additional charges to have a suitable and functioning unit shipped in. In addition to the shipping cost we paid substantially more for the correct part. In a small facility such as ours we sacrificed keeping a bay open for you vehicle so that when it did arrive we could immediately begin work.

To complete the work we did stay after hours to get you back on the road. We apologize if we didn’t communicate with you as much as you desired, but you can be assured that we put forth our best effort to get your vehicle fixed as soon as we could.

Thank you

John Summers (owner)


I really hope that the owner of the shop John gets to read what I have to go through from Matt, his manager and the problems that Matt is attempting to place upon me, the customer. Matt says he can only give me some type of discount only if the shop gets a discount from the parts supplier.

What is wrong with our America?. No Customer Service exist anymore.....take your money and run only?

It is a shame.

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