Franklin, Massachusetts
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The mechanic scheduled the work for a Saturday and accepted only cash payment. Same mechanic later scheduled a Saturday to change a seal that I noticed was leaking, again cash only.

10 months later my brake line was leaking. Brought my car back to AAMCO. The new manager reports my mechanic no longer works for them, "he's a thief and should be in jail for charging customers thousands in cash for work on Saturdays, we're not even open Saturdays." Okay, now that's enough for me so far. Based on this paragraph alone I would resume my search for a new garage, new mechanic.

But that's not quite the end. So, my brake line has been replaced and I pay (with a check) and walk out to where my car is waiting. Turn the key...nothing. Click, click...silence.

Dead. Batteries dead. How? It was fine Friday when I dropped it off.

Now Monday it's dead. Never had trouble since I bought the battery at Advance Auto. I cleaned the connections in AAMCO lot. Nothing.

Dead. Finally, I go back inside and ask for a jump. They're happy to oblige. Car starts, I head to Advance Auto and replace the 5 year old battery.

You may be thinking, Okay he needed to replace the battery anyway. Yes, you're probably right. But it has been starting without incident until AAMCO. Question, did AAMCO mechanics leave my radio/lights on all weekend?

Most likely yes.

Do I want to bring my vechile back to a garage where the manager tells his customers his mechanics should be in jail and runs the garage so loosely that customers have to worry about dead batteries on Monday morning? I'm done with AAMCO.

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Wow. You got 5 years life out of your battery.

It died a natural death. The shop probably had nothing to do with it except to be the place where it went to the Great Beyond.

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