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Beware of the Aamco transmission shop in FWB! This place is a full fledged scam that will make up repairs that your vehicle is in need of and then make excuses for why the original problem still exists all the while still expecting payment for the unnecessary fix.

We brought in our Expedition for rear end clunking, our warranty company told us that Aamco will except the warranty company's payment amount. So we think great no out of pocket costs...think again. Aamco said that the rear end needed to be rebuilt and received approval from our warranty company for the work($1200). The work done and Aamco paid in full the rear end still clunks and now it whines like crazy too. We bring it back in again for another diagnostic and they say nothing is wrong w/ the truck and that we need to bring it back in at 5K miles to have rear end fluid changed and the whining will go away...but it still clunks? They now say that this is "normal" transmission double down shifting and does not require repair...now we are confused because you rebuilt the rear end, which was supposed to be the clunking issue fix and now that isn't a problem at all??? So why did the rear end get rebuilt? No answer...so fast forward to 5K miles later and we bring in the truck for our appointment for the oil to be changed and wait for a full 2 hours after our appointment for the truck to even be taken back for service. We meet w/ the service guy after the oil change and he says it is still whining...we ask why...he says he doesn't know, but it should get better. He goes on to tell us that maybe the rear end has additional issues and that is why it is whining, we tell him that it did not whine before they touched it only clunked, now it is whining and clunking. At this point he says that he noticed uneven wear on our rear tires, this is the most astounding thing about this situation because our tires are brand new with a total of 30 miles on them (yes 30 miles). We tell him that the tires are brand new and cannot possibly show uneven wear after only 30 miles to which he has no reply and simply stumbles over his words, at this point we realize that he is simply trying to get us to once again have an unnecessary repair done at their shop! Once he recovers a little bit from the tires he hits us w/ the total bill for the oil change is $137! I was dumbfounded...we were under the impression that this needed to be done and was a part of the original rebuild costs, he informs us that no it is not and says that he can do away with the labor costs and that we will only be required to pay $67 for the oil.

We have been waiting for several days for the shop manager to return our calls about getting the oil charge refunded to us, the service guy said that it would likely be refunded and yet no one calls us.

Please avoid this shop at all costs or you will likely be in for a nightmare of paying for something that isn't necessary.

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I wish I had been privy to the knowledge of the grease issue, alas after a total of near $1400 of "repairs" and a very rude phone call from the manager at Aamco our truck still clunks and still whines; I want to point out that the truck did not clunk when we purchased it this is why we brought it in for maintenance. Also, the whining was not there until after they "fixed" it, this whining is noticed at high speeds and after a short distance will give you a terrible headache.

The manager told me that they attempt to diagnose a problem but are not always successful on the first attempt; I can buy that and accept that expect when I brought the truck back to them a day after the rear end rebuild for still present clunking and then the additional whine we were told that it was a double downshifting...then why in God's name did you rebuild the back end if it is a normal noise with the truck? This is the issue that I have.

I have no issue with paying someone for their skill or their work and in the case of most auto mechanics I am grateful for their knowledge and skills. I am aware that repairs are needed as a vehicle ages but this shops took advantage of us and I am completely disgusted.

HarryDavidson I appreciate and thank you for the info that you provided.


Sounds like they tried to explain to you that the Ford Expedition has a known problem with the driveshaft, FORD didn't use the right grease during the original install and it causes "clucks" when it is pulled from the yoke. Clunks, squeaks, rattles, and other noises are common on older vehicles and aren't always the result of previous repairs. See service bulletin issued from FORD:

1. Remove the rear driveshaft and inspect the slip yoke for presence of grease. If no grease is noted but show no signs of wear or flaking of the protective coating, evenly apply a full syringe of the special slip yoke grease as mentioned in TSB 05-26-11.

2. If grease is present, inspect the driveshaft for signs of nickel coating flaking. Flaking can be found by inserting a clean rag into the yoke, wiping the spline surface and then looking for "glitter". If flaking is found, replace the driveshaft.

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