San Lorenzo, California

99% of all AAMCOs are looser unethical shops that are good at only one thing which is to *** the consumer out of their money. They know very little about transmissions and end up damaging most cars they touch.

I have taken my old car that I am ready to trash to over 45 AAMCOs in California and Nevada asking for a free transmission inspection. The transmission happens to be in perfect conditions. All but two AAMCOs recommended my transmission be replaced with a rebuilt transmission stating that the transmission was gunked up or had a film or had grime in it. In each case, they emptied the transmission fluid into a dirty container, opened the pan to find the contaminants resulting in them rendering the recommendation to replace it.

When I refused, they put the pan back on and re-filled the transmission with the old mostly contaminated fluid from their dirty container. These AAMCOs lied about the condition of the transmission. It was clean and not filmed or grimed as they stated. And also, why replace a transmission that was working fine just because of film or grime?

They said it needed to be taken care of right away or I may ruin the transmission. Who cares if they are going to replace it anyhow? Obviously not the brightest bulbs in the box. Good luck folks if you choose to take your car to AAMCO.

I just had fun with this as I was investigating them for a documentary that was never finished. But they really need to be criminally charged for this behavior!

By the way, the two that did not recommend a rebuilt transmission recommended a complete flush and filter replacemant for over $300. Still unecessary.

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new undercover investigation conducted on Aamco! Demanding a refund? Check out


New undercover investigation conducted on Aamco! Demanding a refund? Check out


File complaint with

AAMCO Transmissions Consumer Affairs

201 Gibraltar Rd.

Horsham, PA 19044

610-668-2900 ext. 224

Toll free: 1-800-292-8500 ext. 224

Fax: 610-664-5897



hey DB the only reason why youre sticking up for those shotty AAMCO owners is because youre probably a *** too.


Irving AAMCO has unfair sales practices, up chrrges and pricing is not provided in writing. They use taped agreements which are designed to confuse and mis guide customers.

I paid $398 for them to tell me my vehicle had problems. Demanded cash only would not produce tape stating I agreed. Rude owner. You will only use them once.

Security in office set up more like a prison for their protection. Maxc Graham is president of the corporation in Horsham PA would not return calls.

Check blog comments on AAMCO...very bad...yet they have a $20,000,000 advertising budget. Scam supreme


I'm a former State licensed private detective having investigated Aamco. I would like to discuss the investigation you conducted!

You may contact me at, or at Thank you in advance!


You call AAMCO's losers, yet you take your car to 45 different AAMCO's for the purpose of seeing what they tell you? Interesting. I know a lot of the owners in NorCal and Nevada, and while some are not the greatest, unfortunately with any franchise/business, most are honest people that do good work. And with the BAR (Bureau of Auto Repair) in California, it is HIGHLY unlikely they are replacing trannys when there is nothing wrong, that is a quick way to get shut down by the state.

And you say a fluid and filter change for over $300? I don't know any shops that charge more than $200, unless you have an exotic car or certain European vehicles.

I am an AAMCO owner in Texas and challenge you to show proof of what you are saying.



@David B

Aamco is a scam and a ripoff

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