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Horrible, horrible experience with this Aamco in Butler, NJ.

We rented a Uhaul truck from them to move up to New England. After 2 hours on the road, one of our tires blew. The service tech from Uhaul, CT came out to fix it, and informed us that the tire was completely dry rotted. Upset, but glad that it was fixed so we could continue on, we were only 20 mins down the road before another tire blew. The same service tech came back this time to replace 3 other tires, saying they were all completely dry rotted. Each time the tires blew the rubber completely came off and hit our parent's car behind us - causing us to swerve to get off the road, and shaking us all up quite a bit. The entire trip should have taken 5 hours, and instead it took 14. After failed attempts to get a response from Aamco, and multiple attempts at Uhaul themselves, we received virtually no help to resolve the matter, despite the fact that this Aamco in Butler clearly gave us a truck that was completely unsafe - and put all of our lives at risk.

We will never use Uhaul again, and we will most definitely never trust this Aamco station with anything that we drive - as they obviously don't care at all for the well being of their customers.

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For you to post this against AAMCO is ***! I dont work for or have ever worked at AAMCO but have rented uhauls at a shop and its not up to the shop that rents them to service or inspect them!

It is up to Uhaul! The shop that rents them is only to inspect for body damage, fuel and milage!

UHAUL is a garbage company and should be sued! Leave AAMCO out of it!

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