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When I walked in I was told they were currently offering free diagnostic service, I learned it was the "you get what you pay for" type, -NONE. They had my car for 1 1/2 days.

I had to rent a car for this. They took it on a 39 mile drive, -insane idea according to common sense and dealer's manual for trans inspections. After all that they told me the loud whining noise I heard up front when my trans high temp light came on, -accompanied with hesitating shifting, was my REAR wheel bearings. They gave me estimated costs of $989.

for transmission repair costs, with no manual-instructed trans inspection or resulting, supporting code other than a high temp code P0218, which could be anything, like racing my car for 39 miles, then leaving the tank below empty with the 30 mile warning light completely ignored, when I took it out of there! Their wheel bearing repair cost was $649, zero for a catalytic converter WITH a code P0420, that they only wrote down from my previous stop at a station with a mechanic that could hook up a unit to read the codes, but could do little else. Both of these codes were given to me elsewhere, and only recorded to match what I told them when I walked in. Suspicious, I leave with no work allowed to be done!

Good thing. Long story short, my Catalytic converter is fine! My Wheel bearings are fine! A regular transmission service was all I needed!

Under $200. and I am good to go with all lights, sounds and engine running normal! Please be wary of this company! Don't let them rip you off!

Be a real bad guy if you have to, to watch your own back! Aamco will NOT take care of you, or your vehicle, only your wallet! They look busy because they have customers returning for problems that keep happening because they work on everything else that doesn't need repaired, instead. That is much easier work!

Also, if you are female, and appear to have money, you are in trouble here! That starts it going. Problem is, if you dress casually down and have little money you are still in trouble here! I am lucky but I could have been ripped off for thousands if this shop knew how to do anything!

Now that makes me very pissed off! All of us have no protection from this lack of integrity, except for support like this website and others. Thanks for letting me spread the word. Gotta go, more sites to visit!

Remember NO NO NO to Aamco!!!!!

Keep driving to the little shop down the road! I did and I am soooooooooooooo glad I did!

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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It is a bad idea to leave the light on....what will warn you of something more serious? You should always feel that you can trust whomever works on your car.

She found someone who told her what she wanted to hear and it may or may not be the truth. I agree with second opinions but the thought that anyone takes advantage of a woman is ridiculous....most men know just as little about cars even though they don't admit it.....find a good mechanic that you trust and use him to refer you when he doesn't perform the repairs you need...regardless of your gender


I cannot find this customer anywhere in our files. I am assuming this is another shop owner taking a stab at our business. Go to google reviews and you can see that the vast majority of our customers are very happy with our service.

I am the owner if anyone wants to contact me.

Paul Comino 951 202 5908 If this is a legitimate complaint, I would love to talk to you about it and find out what happened.


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