High Point, North Carolina
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Not to go into too much depth but they neither know how or care if they know how to fix. They just want your money.

Cost me around 3200 dollars with these clowns. Went to court and won about 2 yrs. ago and won twice against them without a lawyer.....evidence was obvious...Still have not payed restitution..But they will..

:-) Needless to say they know every trick in the book when it comes to getting away with these scams of saying they rebuild things and don't. Even their coorporate headquarters is involved with training them on how to get away with their neglegence.

All Aamco's a privately owned as these two are owned by the same person.

If you go here you can't say you were not warned!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $3200.

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The city is far better off now that this *** off *** artist is bankrupt and gone!

Lynette H

They ripe people off. They don't fix the problem, they adjust it so you have to go back and spend more money or you're basicly screwed!

:( I have learned the hard way also. just got internet so I couldnt see this stuff before hand.


Your about "two years ago" in your October 2010 comment must have been back in 2008 or before, which is two owners prior to the current owners of the AAMCO's in High Point and Burlington. We know you would have a different and better experience with the current owners who have been there since April 2009 and March 2009, respectively.

@New Owners in 2009 with great

It doesn't matter one bit who the "owner " is. Any aamco is a scam operation.

The "owner " is just the latest *** to buy into it.Most owners know nothing about the auto service industry, in fact its preferred by corporate that they dont.Notice in the above reply about the previous two owners. Its like a revolving door.Sap all the money out of one sucker then get the next one in.Its how the ownership part of it goes.

Best advice is to avoid this place and all like them.They use the cheapest parts at premium prices.Technicians are not certified at anything. Very shady business Avoid at all cost.


Aamco.What a JOKE! ! Hahahaha.People really still go there?


Now they are gone! HOORAY!

No more SCAAMCO! ,) :grin ,) ,)

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