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i went to aamco for an free diagnostic as advertised about my transmission cause it was not going in reverse, just wanted to get some est's ,so the called me back an said that they cant tell whats wrong with it from the diagnostic that they would have to send it off to see whats wrong with it so i said ok! an told him to make sure i that they get in touch with me before they do anything, then he called back and said that it will be about $3000 for repair an i told him that i don't have that kind of money rite now an that i would have to get my vehicle, so he lobbied for me to try to get it financed through one of their financial co.

so i told him i'll just get my car then he tells me it will cost u about $700 to get your car back so i said why he said cause we we got to put the transmission in so i said don't put it back in an i'll just get both ,then he said that it will cost only $450 so at this point i'm pissed! so now they have me where they wanna an i told them that i didnt have the money so they fixed it..but sombody please tell me if they sent my transmission off to get rebuild for $1300 why do i have to pay them $1400 in labor for something they didnt do

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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WOW! A free diagnostic is a free CHECK.

If something is wrong with your vehicle, it won't be free to fix..? It was a free check to DETERMINE the problem, which it sounds like they couldn't do because from "looking" at the transmission without taking it apart, they couldn't give you an accurate diagnostic. Sounds like you don't A.

have your facts straight and B. have no idea what the *** you're talking about!


its obvious that you work for them! theres no reason for you to come on a site like this!

hope not to give them a good report...try again!

if they cant tell whats wrong with a tranny w/o looking in it then whats the pupose of the free dianostic......gotcha! and for yo info: i did get it fix for free but its there fault i had documents to prove it & they did also


hey you kinda angry to just be a consumer!...unless you! for


I don't understand your complaints?? You expect someone to work for nothing??

I went to Palatka AAMCO and they were great!! Explained the procedure fine, I knew up front that it was going to cost me to have a transmission checked...heck this aint no washing machine and I love my truck.

Now...everything is great, truck is running the best ever and I can go to any AAMCO in the world if I have a problem. Whats wrong with that?


whompty due! what u want a cookie! i know where he's coming from cause they did it to my wife, the first thing they tell you is that your shell is cracked....also my cousin went and they told him his shell was cracked & he went else where & they told him he needed fluid


All of you people have no Idea what the *** you are talking about! A person took that transmission apart and has to get a paycheck! You people are *** retarded!


I'm glad to be reading these Comments about Aamco. I took my car in today in Houston.

To just have them check my fluid level. Because the day before it was missing and I did add some fluid. So they did good check it all out for free. Drove it around then put it on the racks to drain the fluid to check for metal.

So they guy shows me the pan and the metal in there in which I could not tell. But like most storys I'm reading he said it would cost $395 to just take it apart to see what was needed to be replaced. What was interesting was him saying you should never have to add transmission fluid. If you do you could have some damage.

This maybe true, but I wonder if this is always the case. So after reading about Aamco maybe I should go get another opinion.


Aamco did a number on me at to different locations,why i went a second time is a million dollar question! The second AAmco i went to i only took my car in to see why it was feeling a lilttle rough while sitting in the car while it was started.THATS ALL I ASKED!

nEXT THING I KNOW THERE TELLING ME MY CAR needs a transmission(GO FIGURE)and they need to take a look i agreed not knowing they would dismantle my car and then tell me its not drivable and in order to be put back together it has to be repaired!!They also tryed to connect me with their financial co. to get financed,No thanks u , i declined.LONG STORY SHORT DONT GO TO AAMCO THEY WILL GET OVER ON YOU MALE OR FEMALE!!!VERY DISAPOINTING A BUSINESS WOULD BE SO CROCKED AND DECEITEFUL.AND MORE THAN ONE LOCATION AT THAT.HIGHLY UNSATISFIED WITH THEM FOR LIFE.


I'm kind of confused as to why the first two posts are talking about other locations when the original post is focusing on Palatka? Yes, Aamco has multiple chain locations but the Houston location has NOTHING to do with Palatka.

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