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I took in a truck that did not need a new transmission, I had a new engine put in the truck and wanted the transmission rebuilt because I use it towing an RV. They gave me a price of $1800, I told them to proceeded with the work. The next day I recieved a phone call telling me that it was going to cost $4300 that he had forgotten about re-sealing the transfer case and the solenoids were very expensive. So I called Grand Prize chevrolet and got prices on the alleged parts.

Much to my surprise the parts were $235 for all four solenoids, they alleged costs thousands, and under a $100 for the seal kit. I confronted the owner and explained that he was trying to rip me off. He is a slick fast talking liar be aware. I was furious but wanted the job done right so I agreed to pay $2700 and new I got screwed.

It gets better! I get the truck back a few days later and went to change the oil. I looked under the truck and they hadnt put on the new dust shield I had been promised. So I started looking at the transmission and the $1200 seal kit he alleged he was putting in and the seal kit for the shift mechanism also had not been changed either! What else didnt they do because my truck ran fine when I took it in.

I went down and confronted the owner, he swore they did all the work, I demanded he put it up on the lift and look with me. Much to his surprise I was right! He asked his mechanic why he didnt do the work and he said because it was a pain to change and mine wasnt leaking at the time so he didnt do those shaft seals. I said well they were in the kit I paid for the work to be done I want it done.

The owner agreed to do it and apologized. I brought the truck back a few days later they removed the transmission again showed me that they put new internal parts in and proceeded to put the transmission back together.

two days later I got the truck back, as I was driving out of the parking lot I had trouble putting the truck in gear, but it was after 5, we were going away and needed to leave and they were closing up.I got to the first traffic ight and the truck stalled, I got to the second light it stalled again. I called the owner and told him what happened. He said to drive it a thousand miles and they would adjust everything at that time.

Every time I drive the truck it stalls whenever I stop, the owner refuses to fix the problem and has also since told me that he refuses to honor the warranty or do any further work on the vehicle. They keep trying to say that there are other problems with the truck. I took my truck to my mechanic numerous times and he has gone through it and agrees that they had done something wrong and that there was nothing wrong with my truck literally the day before I took it to them he had serviced the truck and now they cant get it to run the transmission is a disaster nothing was adjusted right I caught them not installing parts I had paid for and they are completely dishonest.

Beware of slick talking Chris at AAMCO transmissions in Pearl River NY they are absolute flim flam artists and you cannot believe a word they say nor can you trust there work and they stand behind nothing they do, if they even do any work at all or just say they did.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Lol he is now running a Commercial campaign on YouTube LOL. I guess bad news is getting around town fast lol


Wow...Yeah, well before the internet the commercials worked. Different world now.

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