Shepherdsville, Kentucky
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I took My 2003 Tahoe to Aamco after getting estimates from several companies. They were the only company willing to finance the job.

The Original quote with converter and transmission was around 3,400 plus the financing brought the total to almost $4,000. $1,000 down and 250 a month for 15 mths. Now I didn't do the math at the store office when i signed, but that's more like $4,700. Ok I say, as long as it works I NEED my vehicle.

After 10 days the call finally came..ready to go. I picked it up and it ran great for 1 1/2 days. On the way home from work it made a horrible sound in the front, then started making a very low chirping sound all the time. I took it back, they told me the converted had engaged the 4 wheel drive inadvertantly.

It was broke, they replaced it again and again called me to pick it up. As I pulled out of the Aamco parking lot My truck made another horrible noise and the chirping was still going on. They took it back again to check it out. New diagnoses...the Rear end was busted.

Another $1,500 and they would have me good to go. Well, now it's been almost a month and I still don't have it back yet.. I keep getting the runaround on the phone. We are still working on it.

They guy who was working on it got sick went to the hospital had metal in his eye. Still waiting to hear from customer service.

I can see but the research online that this problem is not over even when I do get my truck back..Is there any help out there??? What can I do... I know they BROKE my rear end with their faulty converter....HELP...

over $6,000 for REPAIRS???

And I get the Run around?????

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If you are in Iowa, the attorney General can tell them to release the car back to you, if that is what you want.

The converter likely will not cause the rear end to go bad, though. It might be they rebuilt the trans, but the real problem was the rear end though.

You should ask for the old parts back, so you can have an expert look at them to determine what was or was not bad.

That way you can determine if you had some really bad luck, or if they did an unneeded repair. If so, ask for your money back on the unneeded repair.

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