Itasca, Illinois
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Replaced parts that were not faulty and the problem is still there. Aamco is a rip off.

I took my truck there to have them fix a noise in the transmission. They charged me $836.00, I paid them and the exact same noise was there. The manager told me they would have to rebuild the transmission, cost $2140.00 , I told them to just fix it. They called and said the truck was ready.

same noise. Than the service manager told me that the transmission had so many miles on it that it could not be rebuilt like new. I Have the same noise as when I brought it in . They want another $2140.00 .

They have now had my truck for over 2 months and still have it. They took it to ford with me and and brought the parts they changed, the Mechanic at Ford said that the parts they replaced were not faulty and did not need replacing. Ford said they would have to take the trans out to see what the problem was.

Aamco took the truck back to their shop and wants the $2140 before they will give it back. I will not pay them for changing parts I didn't need and I want a refund of $836.00.

Monetary Loss: $2976.

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Thanks for the info I will steer clear of them for my transmission problem...Thank you Internet!


Call Aamco customer hotline and get the human resources involved. If that fails then contact the prosecuting attorney or retain a lawyer ...there is no way that would stand up in court in front of a judge!

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