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I went to the Aamco on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth Texas for an oil change. While changing my oil the "mechanic" said he looked at my Timing Belt and it was about to break. I asked if it was safe to drive home (0.8 of a mile). He said he wouldn't allow his daughter to drive this truck home - it needed replacing now. When I arrived to pick up my truck a couple of days later, paid the $800 invoice and started my truck - it shook, rattled and wouldn't go over 5 miles an hour. "Mechanic" said the timing must be off - come back tomorrow. Nothing had changed - one part after another was replaced, then the bill went over $2,000!

The Inspection Sticker expired while they were working on my truck - the truck did not run correctly, but somehow they purchased an Inspection Sticker and put it on the truck. I kept waiting to be arrested for having a counterfeit sticker on my truck!

I was told by Aamco on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth Texas that my catalytic converter went out and they do not replace catalytic converters. I limped my truck home and raised the hood. All hoses were disconnected (except for the radiator hose - guess they figured I would notice that quickly)! So now thanks to the air system being disconnected - road debris flew into the catalytic converter.

Ended up donating the truck to charity. I just could not look at it any more. The truck ran beautifully before Aamco on Camp Bowie in Fort Worth killed my truck.

Monetary Loss: $15.

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All I know is that my Ford Ranger was running perfectly UNTIL I took it to Aamco on Camp Bowie! WHATEVER HAPPENED TO MY TRUCK HAPPENED AT AAMCO ON CAMP BOWIE BLVD IN FORT WORTH TEXAS!


Road particles flying in will not damage the cat, but the cam timing being retarded will destroy the cat because of unburnt fuel entering it, this did not destroy the truck!! A converter can be replaced for a little over $100 and cam timing fixed for around the same amount!


Did I say I was a freaking Mechanic?!? No, so you made a comment without having all the facts - you just look like a bully. *** off!


Jesus, you are a whiny one aren't you? Calling the poster that said you were wrong a bully, then you act like a....bully. ***


It's not possible for this to happen " thanks to the air system being disconnected - road debris flew into the catalytic converter.."

You failed.

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