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Stay away from this place! I have a plymough Voyager that was having problems stalling out. I brought it to Auto Zone and they said that the cam sensor was failing and there was a misfire, which was due to the sensor.

I brought my van into Aamco on Monday of last week. They told me the sensor would be a quick fix and would only take 30 minutes to put on. Two hours later, I was told that Cam sensors weren't sold for my make of vehicle. They told me that I needed to buy a distributor for it. I sat there for a total of 4 hours on Monday and nothing was fixed.

I came back Tuesday to have the distributor put on. The van was still stalling out. After two hours of putting that on, the guy finally came out and told me that the crank sensor was failing. They assured me that the sensor would fix the problem. And yet again, the van was still stalling out. I paid them $370 that day to basically fix nothing.

When I left the shop, come to find out, the van was running worse then before. Not only was it stalling out when I started it, when I would come up to a light, the van would idle very high and try to race away. I brought the van home and called the shop. They told me that the computer could be failing or that it needed a flywheel.

So I brought it back up Thursday and dropped it off to have the flywheel replaced. I came back later that afternoon to pick it up, but nothing was done to it. The manager said that the bolts were too rusted to *** and they would need to keep it another day. He called me Friday afternoon and said there were some problems with the bolts and that they would need to keep it until Monday. Monday, Feb 14th, he called at 11 in the morning and said the flywheel was cracked in two different places. He assured me yet again that the van would be ready for pick up that afternoon.

An hour before closing, he called and said that the van was still running the same as it was before and that he would like to keep it until Tuesday to look at a few more things.

And here we are at Tuesday. He was finally nice enough to call at 4pm. Told me that the throttle was clogged, so they cleaned that out. Nothing happened. He calls back at 5pm and now wants me to buy an idle sensor. He said he couldn't promise that it would fix anything but thought it might help.

I told him no thanks and that I would be picking up the van today. He wanted me to spend another $120 on a part that may or may not fix the problem.

I have already spent $680 on parts that did nothing for my van, now it runs worse then before.

Please do not trust these people. They are only out to rip you off.

Monetary Loss: $680.

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here is the problem, you took an engine problem to a transmission shop. take your car to the dealer, they have the correct equipment to diagnose the problem correctly.


That doesn't sound like the AAMCO on Kingston Pike, Which one did you go to?


Wow, those clowns are so incompetent, they gave you every single diagnosis they could think of, and still couldn't get it fixed. Not a surprise they were guessing.

You made a HUGE mistake taking it to those thieves. They know more about scamming than fixing cars. Only a fool would trust these robbers. This crooked chain has criminal charges lodged against them going back to 1970!!

This cesspool is the biggest disgrace in auto repair, and yet you still get conned by their clever TV ads.

Next time go to a real shop. You learned a costly lesson.


Oh call the corporate office im sure they would LOVE to hear about that 1-800-go-aamco They SMOKED you on the repairs and couldnt replace a little gas in your van? I the owner LOVES to do that.

hes a complete ***! Loves to use big words and dont know ***!


Which Center did you take it to? I know exactly what your talking about.


Oh and One more thing. When I brought it in, there was almost a half a tank of gas.

When I picked up the van today, they handed me a receipt for gas. They used all of my gas then expected me to pay for it. I did not tell them to joy ride around town.

I wanted them to fix it it. And they have the nerve to charge me for the gas they ran out.

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