Ames, Iowa
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AAMCO was supposed to replace my fuel line that Jiffy Lube had broken during a fuel filter change. Since Jiffy Lube and AAMCO are owned by the same owner, Jiffy Lube said AAMCO was going to cover the cost of the repair. I had to go back and forth 6 times to AAMCO's to try and get them to do the repair. I got excuses from AAMCO that they were booked, need to order the parts, parts are on hold, parts on delivery, and finally worked on it a week later. They even had the nerve to try and make me pay for the repair after claiming they would cover the fix.

I took it to my usual mechanic after AAMCO claimed to have put a new fuel line in that they had ordered from Ford. My mechanic said the fuel line that they had put in was homemade, not one from Ford. The worst thing is it was not put on properly with a 90 degree elbow piece, causing a kink in the fuel line. "A KINK IN THE FUEL LINE CAN BREAK AND CAUSE A CAR FIRE AT ANYTIME"

I called the manager of AAMCO, Shaun, after getting off the phone with my mechanic and asked him why he had told me that he had order the parts from Ford when it was a cheaply homemade piece. Shaun continues with his lies and games.

AAMCO did nothing but LIED to me, wasted my time, AND most importantly PUT MY LIFE IN DANGER. Don't take it to these guys if you want honest mechanic work.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Mechanic Rippoff
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