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I had/have an issue with my 06 Jeep Wrangler which is under an extended warranty. When in the jeep at a dead stop after putting it into first gear and starting to ***, it will pop out of first violently. This can not be reproduced. It just happens. It doesn't happen all the time. It just happens. It also pops out of reverse.

Per the warranty, I am to take my jeep to an AAMCO. I took my Jeep there Monday January 24, 2011 at approximately 10 am. They said they would get to it right away. Tick, tick, tick, time went by. I ended up calling them around 3:30p.m. because I had not heard anything from them. They said, "Oh, nothing is wrong with your transmission, it's your clutch." I found a T.S.B. pertaining to the issue and gave them that number. They continued to press the "bad clutch" issue. They did inspect the jeep. They opened the driver side door and saw the clutch pedal and said that since the pedal was "high" the issue I was having had to be because of that.

They did not touch the transmission at all. They kept insisting that I needed a new clutch at $800 which is not covered by the warranty. I kept persisting it was the transmission. They said after another call to them that their service guy drove it and they still felt like it was the clutch. I said, "No, it's the transmission." Ok they said. I went to pick up my jeep Monday evening as they were closing, evidently their service guy "drove" it again and it popped out on him. Now they think it might be the transmission.

Throughout the evening, I researched the problem more in depth. I took the jeep back in Tuesday morning. They had one car in front of me that they said they were finishing up and would get to mine shortly.

Tick, tick, tick. Wednesday came. I called around 10 am. They were taking the transmission apart as we spoke. I called back around 3pm, still taking it apart. At 5:05pm they called and said the 1 and 2 synchronizer, the 5, 6 and reverse synchronizer, the shift forks and seals, bushings, etc.. were all bad. I said, "Huh, I thought you said it was the clutch.

He said he had to get a parts list together to turn into the warranty people and would give me a call in the morning.

Thursday morning came. They called around 11am and said they will not do the work. The warranty will not pay enough for them to fix it. They will be putting the transmission back together.

I called the warranty, they said that this AAMCO is over charging everything and adding on too many additional hours that is not needed. The warranty place has found another AAMCO that is will to fix my transmission.

Called AAMCO back to see when I could pick up the jeep. He said, "I am lucky they are putting it back together for free and he doesn't know when it will be ready. It could be this afternoon, or tomorrow or Monday."

I want my jeep. I want to take it to the other AAMCO hoping that I will have better luck there. I will never go to an AAMCO after this is all over.

This guy was very rude, unprofessional and ignorant.

I wish I would have known.

Monetary Loss: $4.

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Interesting to hear an actual owner reply(bottom)...he is right about how the ext warranty company likes to cap costs....there are many ext warranty companies that will only put in used transmissions at reduced labor rates or offer that amount towards the cost of the repair....we like to believe that ext. warranties cover like factory warranties....they do not....when doing an inspection the customer has to authorize the repair....it leaves them on the hook for the bill if they deny the claim,and it does happen...his willingness to put the vehicle back together at no charge is actually more than most other shops will do...I understand the frustration of the customer but if you read other stories you will see the true horror of some of the other repairs gone horribly wrong....this Aamco has shown incredible customer service and should be praised for his efforts to solve a bad situation...he is one of the good guys that actually cares...I say all this just by his actions...I was reading on here where an Aamco owner posted that he resolved it (trying to lie)....the customer came behind him and called him a liar....it was riverside Aamco ....if you read through it all you can see the truth.


hello to all that need transmission work, i took my vehicle to aamco on preston hwy and i got the same treatment, they told me i needed to replace parts that i knew i didn't need that cost a little over $500 and it still didn't fix the problem, and i told the guy this before they started on my vehicle, well he told me we have see if the pump is damaged and other parts inside and this could cost a little more, but first he told me that it was going to be $1200 for them to start that work so i said that they could be telling me about things i don't need to make the cost go up, and by the end of things i could have got a brand new transmission so i told no thanks you had me pay $500 for nothing you won't get me $1200, maybe its to see if they can get holiday money


If you Google AAMCO Transmission, you will see tons of webpages devoted to the AAMCO Transmission Scam from all over the country. I for one was taken for $2,500.00 for a rebuilt transmission that I DID NOT NEED.

Unfortunately, I did not do my homework prior to taking my car to them so...minus $2,500.00 that I did not have to spend and a car that still had an oil leak.

I will NEVER again take my car to AAMCO and highly recommend that anyone who is considering doing so...do your homework!!!!! AAMCO owners and employees can come back and say whatever they want but...thousands of people from around the country who do know know each other but have had almost the same bad experiences with AAMCO could not be making all this up.


Well I had a TERRIBLE experience there! I took a used car there to have it checked out (a full diagnostic) to decide if I wanted to/should purchase it. I dropped it off and when I got back the manager Andy gave me the run down of what was wrong with the car. Said for the most part there were only two things wrong possibly- the car needs new engine mounts and possibly a new transmission pan. OK great I thought. I was handed a sheet of paper with a list of things that were supposedly checked. Nothing was actually checked off- there was just some scribble on the comment line about the mounts and the trans pan. Little did I know, I should have investigated more about what was really evaluated.

Turns out that the battery needed to be replaced, the car needed a new AC compressor, a new blinker switch, AND the oil filter was not replaced correctly and it was 2 QUARTS LOW on oil! To top it off the "mechanic" who ran the diagnostic LEFT THE LIGHTS ON! I mean come on!

All of these things were on the list that should have been checked.

So I call up to Aamco to get my money back naturally because I did not get the service I paid for. Andy the "manager" was so rude I could barely contain myself. I admit that I was very rude as well- but this was only after I was talked to in the most disrespectful way imaginable. He actually said to me that "I only called up there because I wanted someone to yell at" Seriously??? No Andy- I just wanted what I paid for- my bad.

SO- The story ends with me having to call back the next day to talk to "Tim"- and still not getting my money back- but Tim assured me that they would run another diagnostic free of charge. I told him that I didnt feel comfortable coming back up there seeing as Andy was obviously volatile and obnoxious but Tim did not seem to care.

I did not go back there nor did I get my money back. Trust is a huge element when you rely on a professional to take care of you and your things. Maybe I was too trusting, maybe they are just *** people that work there- who knows for sure. All I know is that I never write reviews nor do I like making waves but the way I was treated was APPALLING! I would never nor will I EVER step foot in that establishment ever again. Neither should you.


Trying to make me look dumber than I am?

Tim D

As the owner of this AAMCO that is being trashed I would like to present my side of the story. This customer brought us a Jeep Wrangler that she said was popping out of gear every once in a while.

(It is a 6 speed manual Mercedes transmission.) We drove the vehicle twice and could not duplicate the problem. Since this repair was going to be covered by an extended warranty company we had to get their OK to do anything to the vehicle. Without experiencing the problem it's pretty difficult to recommend a repair option. We drove the vehicle one more time that day and finally, after about 2 hours of driving this vehicle, we were able to get it to pop out of 1st gear one time only.

At this point we were able to recommend to the customer and the warranty company that we should remove the transmission and inspect the inside for wear or damage. The customer opted to take the vehicle home that evening and do some internet research. She brought it back the next day and gave us the OK to remove the transmission and take it apart. We found some worn parts and proceeded to search for replacement parts from our suppliers.

The only option for these parts was to purchase them from the Chrysler dealer. This is a 6 speed Mercedes manual transmission and the parts were going to be very expensive. We informed the warranty company concerning the cost of the parts and they said all they could give us was the MSRP cost of the parts. Well, this was almost as much as I had to pay for the parts.

So to repair this transmission then provide a warranty for what they wanted to pay me would have meant I would have lost money. No business can provide a service and lose money. I informed the warranty company and the customer that we could not fix this transmission for what they wanted to pay. After about a day of negotiating with the warranty company they agreed to send me a brand new Mercedes transmission and pay me to install it.

This transmission comes with a Chrysler warranty and will not cost the customer any money. My primary focus in my business is customer satisfaction. I believe that I actually helped this customer by negotiating with this warranty company.

This actually turned out to be a win/win situation for all involved. Hopefully the customer will see it this way too and retract her negative comments.

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