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I took my car into Aamco transmission with a check engine light on and my transmission would get stuck in 2nd gear (auto trans) Chrysler calls it limp mode for diagnostic and repair. I told them to check all harnesses (picktails) and sensors because this is a common effect in the model of car (Chrysler 300M 1999).

I was given the run around and more and more charges and finally told my transmission needed to be replaced at a cost of 3000.00 dollars. I was out of town and ok'd the repair. I picked up my car supposedly repaired with a new transmission and all the fixings, only to find the problem I had previously before the replacement of my transmission and loss of 3000.00 dollars still persist. I returned my car told them the same thing is still happening.

They kept my car for over a week, Jason called me 3 times, first he said they are checking all the connections and electronics, second call he said they couldn't find anything so he needs to drop the transmission and check the inside, 3rd call was a over a week later where he said they couldn't find anything wrong and the car wouldn't fault again so pick up the car and wait for it to fault again. When picking up my car he stated they didn't do anything but drive my car everyday to see if anything happened and nothing did, meanwhile I am without my much needed car. I believe they misdiagnosed my car and really don't have the proper personnel to fix my car, my complain is to get my money back and repaired by professionals who know what they are doing. There is so much more to this story but little time to write.

My car is still not running properly and even though they replaced my transmission not only do I have the same fault happening again, my transmission is shifting very badly and very rough riding.

I mentioned this to Jason and he said he agrees the transmission is shifting rough but he refused to repair or replace.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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I also took my car to the Mesa location and what happened to you sounds EXACTLY as what happened to me. They got me for $2000.00 after a "rebuild" of the trans and the car was still doing the same thing it was before the work......After all said and done, NEVER was the trans, was the tensioner!

Word of advise, I have filed a formal complaint with the state att generals office. I have several attorneys on the case now.

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