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If customer service and just plain being a decent business is what you expect, this is NOT your place. Our SUV was taken here for an unknown transmission issue (transmissions are what they specialize in?).

They had our vehicle for a little over 4 weeks. We never once received a phone call with an update on our car. We had to call them and request information then wait for a return call from the mechanic. We were told the first step would be to drop the pan and check for shavings, there were none.

Next the computer codes pointed to a solenoid so we were urged to change it. This did not fix the issue so they requested we leave the vehicle with them so they could track down the issued and we would not be charged for their work because it was a training experience for the staff. lol yea. Finally on one of my ever so pleasant calls for an update I was told Sir your vehicle is ready for pick-up.

Our mechanic has exhausted all of his options and we were unable to fix your car. I went to pick up my vehicle and to my surprise the bill was $ 593. I was charged for the parts and services that did not produce any results. When management was confronted about this I was told "The parts and services where done per your request" (even though I can barely change my oil).

"We helped you out with the labor I can't eat the cost of those parts also." This to me was just outrageous. If they were honest from the beginning and said we are not sure this will fix the issue I would have taken my explorer to a ford garage. I was so mad I just agreed to pay the bill just so I could leave. As if all of this wasn't bad enough when my wife got in her car to start it, it would not turn over.

I had to jump start her car in the parking lot of the garage that was supposed to fix our vehicle. What the ***? Once the battery charged a little (perfectly fine battery by the way) she started the car. Once we had gotten home she said her accent LED's in the floorboards where left on, the stereo (which is a nice aftermarket one) was on and up, and the driver's seat was leaning back extremely far.

My assumption is an employee decided it would be a good place to take their break or lunch. This is all extremely pathetic and really a quite embarrassing way for a business to be ran.

DO NOT TAKE YOUR VEHICLES HERE!!!! Any input especially from a garage owner would be appreciated.

Monetary Loss: $593.

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Not only am I upset with the advice from one of the mechanics, I am highly irritated by the mannerisms of the employees. My friend's car broke down on a weekend trip to Morgantown to come visit me.

After having Advance Auto run a diagnositc test on her vehicle we brought it to AAMCO to have it looked at. When we first walked in, the mechanics in the garage started catcalling at us and whistling, which embarassed my friend and myself. After about thirty minutes of waiting the mechanic came in and said "M'am we have a serious problem. It looks like your piston knocked your spark plug loosed and tore out all of the threads.

This means that you're either going to need a new head or a new engine." My friend called her boyfriend's father who is also a mechanic and he said to try putting in another spark plug just to see if it would be blown out as well, but the mechanic took on a smartassed tone with us and hassled us about this. Then about another thirty minutes later he came back in and said there was nothing he could do and that we should call a tow truck. Thankfully, they actually let us keep the vehicle there over night, but when we went to pick it up they once again started whistling at us and embarassing us even further.

To make matters worse, my friend had her car towed home and had another mechanic look at it. The problem was a simple 150 fix and it is now running fine!


AAMCO in Morgantown is a repair ripoff shop. Either their technicians do not know what they are doing, or the owner encourages poor repairs to obtain future business. Very expensive bills but fail to fix the problem.


Normal scaamco experience. Why

not just go to the ford place to start


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