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The transmission in my van died. I contacted my mechanic who informed me he does not deal with transmissions but recommended AAMCO. He's never done us wrong so I went with it. I wish I had looked into them more though. I had them tow my van on a Tuesday. They have now had it for 11 days. They told me I'd have it back with in 2 or 3 days, so Saturday at the latest.

When I called them on Saturday, they guy I'd been dealing with was off and the guy I spoke to on the phone was incredibly rude. Monday I tried calling again. Once again no information on my van. Finally on Tuesday I got a price...$2500! Granted the transmission was messed up and I didn't know any better. They'd already started working on it. I didn't know if I had the option to say no.

Here we are and it's Friday. No one has called me. I have had to call them. Every time I call they put me on hold for forever and then are short and rude with me on the phone. I have been stuck at home for 11 days with out a car. I have 3 children, two of them have school. Guess who's been walking everywhere. My husband had a death in the family and had to go out of town. Even if I had his car I wouldn't be able to use it, it's not big enough. Knowing my dilemma the crew at AAMCO didn't give a ***. Every day there's been some excuse as to why my van wasn't ready. I still have not gotten an accurate list of all they had to do. Mama is NOT happy. And when Mama isn't happy no one is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Deal.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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Interesting ....shows an incredible amount of character to go back and update your experience ....sometimes repairs take longer then expected....but that is never an excuse to not keep the customer informed...I have read many different reviews on Aamco and this is the first happy ending....people don't realize that each Aamco is independent and they choose how they treat their customers...unfortunately it was at the end of the experience that they treated you with the care they should have shown through the whole process....you really know what kind of shop is doing your repairs when there are problems and how they resolve them...every shop has problems weekly....it's how they solve them that keeps you coming back or get you running for the hills


The day I wrote my review I was able to get my van back. The owner was very kind and drove to my house to pick up me and my kids.

He explained on the way to the shop what all was done to my van and why it took so long. I just don't understand why I couldn't have been kept in the loop the entire time. But in the end it was made right and I did get my van back. So far the work done has proved to be great.

All the issues I'd had with my van are gone and for that I am thankful. I wish that I could go back and edit my bad review of AAMCO.

Yes the customer service was lacking while they had my van and I was not a happy Mom being stuck at home with no way to get anywhere, but in the end I was a happy customer. I do recommend AAMCO because the work they do is GOOD.

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