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I am an amimator and I recently ( Monday july 28) had my car towed to an Aamco branch on Melrose.address:

4665 Melrose AvenueHollywood, CA 90029

First off the assistant to the manager there was over freinly by the name of micke..nevertheless I was in a hurry to get my car fixed. My transmission cable had broke and I could not drive the car. I own a camaro z28 1991. and that car is very very special to me. That is one of the reason why I had trust that Aamco would take care of it.It is very sad and I would like to make a long story short. First off they gave me 2 options one was to pay 1080 plus any parts and the other to rebuild the transmission for 2300. at first I was perplexed I told them I dont think the transmission is damaged because its an automatic and it never slid. I am sure at some point I would have to eplace the transmission but right now maybe not. I had called up first another aamco on venice and when i explained to them what kind of shifter I had etc.. the person who answered said we dont fix that kind of transmission.(probably because he had realised the problem was minimal and did not want to scam me into a new transmission) my shifter is an aftermarket and the cable is also with B7M parts.Anyway I went to Aamco and spoke to the manager by the name of luis gomez. I told him listen I will pay you 1800 dollars for the first quote. Wheteher the parts cost less or not I just want you to fix my car.and we agreed upon that. and i trusted he would do a good job.he said the car will be ready by thursday / friday. come friday I was expecting to receive a phone call and I did not. I was at work ( I am an animator) and time flies I only noticed when it was already 5.30 and they were closed.so I looked up online and saw they would be open half day sat. I took a cab there in the morning after calling onse and the answering machine not going off. then calling again and having the answering machine. i knew someone was avoiding me. I went there and saw thet the back door was open I knocked with the chain and kept calling no one came. luckily I see a mexican mechanic coming over too with a shifter in his hand, he said he was coming to deliverthis shifter to luis because it was ordered. I looked at the shifter it was from the junk yard .I took the guy s number just in case. the guy left because no one came. anyway at this point I am in a very bad mood also because I am working in production and I was supposed to be at work. Amyway i leave a message to luis telling him to call me back immediately because i was getting very angry. and that I thought i had made it clear to him that i did not want my shifter replaced.and told him about the incident with the guy that came holding an old shifter. he denied he ever told the guy to come there.anyway i said to him mr luis yo should have at least called me and told me when my car would be ready. If you needed more time you should have said that.I trusted you and gave you a green light to fix whatever u thought was wrong with the car ( on thursday mr luis calls me to say that he neede to fix more stuff and that it was gona cost a few more ) i replied no worries just do what u have to do)Anyway an hour later while I am at work on saturday luis calls up to appologize that he didnt contact me and he added that they had not been able to find a cable matching my transmission system.I then started realizing that i was in a very bad situation. nevertheless i said i will go online and buy the cable myself and have it shipped to them.on tuesday august fifth they receive the cable and Luis calls me to say i have good news ur car is ready.I leave work very happily to go and pik up my car( my work is in santa monica ) anyway while im there i fisrt ask if i could test drive my car WITH A MECHANIC ON BOARD before paying. Luis and mike answered that IT WAS AAMCO POLICY THAT I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO MOVE THE CAR FROM THE PREMISES BEFORE FULL PAYMENT. no am not *** but i just wanted to get back to work and I thought this isAamco how bad could the car be.. So I said fine.I paid the amount of 1990 dollars. It was already around past five oclcok. I was very happy to take my car. i go out and sit in the car.

1- the shifter indicator that was there was not installed. I couldnt read which shift I was in2- the shifter was half screwed and most of it was still loose.3- I tried to shift everything including the ashtray would shake.4- It was pretty impossible to shift gears. I had to have an iron arm to try and change from park to reverse.5- I finaly managed to put it in reverse and drive backward. in the middle of the road I tried to put it back to drive to go forward the shifter wouldnt move. I got out of the car and pushed the car to get out of the way and let the other cars on the road pass.i was obstructing traffic. I was red MAD at the point I could not believbe what was happening to me.I left the car in on the side and ran back in they had already shut the entrance etc,. Luis wa still inside on the phone I told him what is happening . he said ccome back later well put the shifter indicator for you. and as for the gears , your cable is still new you ahve to drive the car.I bought that again. I left and got in my car. takes a good half minute to put in the right gear. I take the car on the freeway and realize I did not have a kickdown anymore.meaning the car is fully automatic and when you press on the gaz fully it picks up in second or first gear. THAT WAS NON EXISTENT6- The cruise control is not functioning

I almost cried tears of blood. the next morning I drive the car there with always the having to spend a good mi nute trying to put the gear . i go face to face with Luis I told him the car is messed up. so and so is not working are you gona fix the car. he ignores me and sais I am with another customer now. I look at the customer and tell him its better you go home. Luis and mike order me to get out . i raised my voice and told them that they need to listen to me.Instead of takling me on the side and saying sorry but we will be with you in a minute. THey threaten me and call the cops. and the manager Luis insulted me and said I was mentally unstable.i do not believe that these clercks have any qualifications to make such and assessment .and insult a customer in front of other customers.( I had put my video at that point and I have it on tape from when I was asking if they were going to fix the car to them insulting me and calling the cops)

and made me go outside. I went outsidfe the cops came I explained to them. the cops said well I had not done anything and raising my voice is not a cop matter and that this should be resolved as civil.After them telling me get out. i knew that I did not need these people to touch my car or repair anything. I knew they were crooks and immoral people. Afetr I had trusted them and was willing to pay whatever the amount came up to be as long as they would fix the car properly. I told luis give me the parts that you removed from my car. and i would also like the receipt of patrs you said you paid. he gave me the parts but said the receipts is not in their policy to give out. i told him i was going to su them and call up the better business bureau but that dint seem to affect him at all. they put the parts in my car without talking to me whie I was satnding outside.

I left. with of course the same problems arising everytime I have to change gears.

I have never had anything of the sort in my life. I have been humiliated.It is very very sad to have happened.

I have been traumatised and disgraced.My bank(wells fargo) has put a dispute on that amount and I was advised to get a second opinion with a written letterhead.I am going to a chevy dealership to have my car examined. And how much it needs to get fixed and what has Aamco done to it.If you have read this letter I hope that you have realised where I am coming from and all the above is the honest truth.I have already contacted the better business bureau and I might take this to television since I already have a video of how I was treated. as soon as I have the time I might also upload that video to the web and possibly syndicate it.It is a total disgrace to Aamco. I do not know about other branches but that branch in particular has ruined Aamco s image to me . And i will not let that go unpaid. IF AAMCO is a RESPECTABLE corporation they would do something about this. I would like to be either reimbursed as soon as I get a new assessment from the chevy dealership and the problems arise.OR guaranteed to have my car repaired at another branch and not be humiliated and insulted. WITH GOOD SERVICE REPAIR.

I would like to know what you think of this matter.

Thank YouAnita Edwards

Monetary Loss: $1995.

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Every one thinks all shops are rip offs unless u get something for free i wouldnt condemn AAMCO because they are independently owned and operated one AAMCO is not like the other I am sure you can find a site for every shop in the world that has someone claiming they ripped them off


I completely understand where your coming from. These idiots are the biggest rip offs that i have ever dealt with.

We went to aamco in shoreline seattle washington. Gave us a quote of 2500 to complete a rebuilt transmission install. Then started telling us all these parts were misteriously broken and that we had to come up with more money as the total went to 4200.00! Breaking on purpose so they could get more money, not giving the car back.

Now its been 2 months and no car . This is the worst business ive ever dealt with. one thing to another thing to another thing. I have been on the computer for two days getting the comments from hundreds of people all around the united states that have gotten ripped off from aamco dealers.

small claims court i guess is the answer. next month is the court date. calling better business. aamco has been suid in 14 states and lost.

get on aamco scams and they tell you who to get a hold of and try to get your car back fixed. also the amount of money that was agreed on , not the amount they want to build a new swimming pool out in their back yard. I will not stop try to get our situation fixed. These people need to be run out of business.

They are crooks.

*** artists, liars,and you name it they are just plain *** What comes around goes around and maybe a big suv four wheel drive will fall on their head when working so hard to please their customers. ha ha.


Ive been there many times, Ive had no problems with any of the sevices. THIS PERSON MUST OF HAD A BAD DAY !!!

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