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AAMCO Transmissions and Keith Kim and I have failed to reach an amicable solution to this complaint.

Names of attorney(s) TBD

AAMCO Transmissions

818 Rockville Pike

Rockville, MD 20852


In re:  Keith Kim

District Court of Maryland

191 East Jefferson St.

Rockville, MD 20850-2325


Plaintiff name(s), Nelson J. Jackson Sr.



Defendant name(s), AAMCO Transmissions

Keith Kim












Case No.: No. [case number]


Recovery of Damages:

Section 13-301 – Unfair or deceptive trade or practices defined.

Knowingly false statement that a service , replacement, or repair is needed;

13-302 Deception or damage necessary.

Any practice prohibited by this title is a violation of this title, whether or not any consumer in fact has been misled, deceived, or damaged as a result of that practice.

[An. Code 1957, art. 83, 20D; 1975, ch. 49, 3.]

 MOVANT states:

That on the day of October 25th, 2011, plaintiff took his automobile. A 1999 BMW 323i into the defendants place of business, AAMCO Transmissions located at 818 Rockville, Pike, Rockville Maryland 20852 at 4:29PM and stated that his vehicle was disabled in the CVS parking lot located diagonally across the Pike from the AAMCO garage.

That plaintiff suggested that the water pump needed replacing possibly causing the vehicle to overheat.

That the plaintiff signed a document giving permission to work on the vehicle and left 2 contact methods, a cell phone number and an email address.

That the plaintiff did not receive any notification prior to picking up the vehicle on 10/26/2011 at approximately 4PM, where the plaintiff was told that the expansion coolant tank was leaking and the source of the overheating.

That when the plaintiff asked why the water pump had been replaced when they discovered that it was not the problem; the defendant stated that the plaintiff had requested that the water pump be replaced. Plaintiff asked why he had not been notified when the defendant had made this discovery, there was no reply.

That the plaintiff asked how much it would cost to have the expansion tank replaced and plaintiff was quoted a price of approximately $250 dollars, because they would have to remove the same parts and reinstall as to the replacement of the water pump.

That plaintiff requested that the replaced water pump be given to the plaintiff.

That water pump is available for independent testing.

That plaintiff contacted AAMCO through their website and stated complaint and a call was received almost immediately thereafter and a customer service rep recorded plaintiff's deposition and sent the plaintiff a confirmation email stating that the plaintiff would be contacted by the specific AAMCO service center.

That several days later a return call was placed to the AAMCO service center and a Mr. Keith Kim and as the particulars of the complaint was being discussed, the defendant became very argumentative and stated that the plaintiff has changed the 'story'.

That plaintiff tried unsuccessfully to state that on the receipt is clearly stated that no parts will be replaced unnecessarily and no mention of a customer's request for a replaced part will supersede the rectification of the initial stated problem or that the customer will not be notified in that event.




Dated this 2nd day of December, 2011





Nelson J. Jackson Sr.

13836 Castle Blvd. #101

Silver Spring, Maryland 20904

Names of attorney(s) to be decided as needed.



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To date the Rockville AAMCO has failed to respond. Part of their franchise agreement must be to not acknowledge customer complaints. Their time would be better spent learning how to fix cars.

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