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Update by user Oct 12, 2017

This has still not been resolved as of 10-2017. Refund $1300 then we can speak.

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2017

My son is in the military and bought a car in El Paso Tx. I took over payments when he went to Kuwait.

He got the transmission replaced in El Paso by an AAMCO store that warrantied the transmission for a year with unlimited mileage, that cost over $3200. Long story short, we ended up at the AAMCO in Rolla Mo because the transmission went out again. On the last day of the warranty. Brock the manager, said it was no longer warranted and that we would need to pay full price of $3200.

I said no it is still under warranty, that he needs to check the date again and I needed it taken care of. I contacted the other AAMCO and the gentleman there told me Brock the current AAMCO told him it was out of warranty. I explained to the gentleman in Texas that it was delivered to Brock's AAMCO in Rolla out of the date but was towed before warranty was up. The AAMCO agreed to send Brock another transmission.

Brock then told us at that point that it would cost you $1200 for us to put it in. He finally got the part after 5-6 weeks of having it in his shop. I asked him about the warranty on the car. He told me that he would not warrant the car and then turned around and Said he would only warrant the car for six months.

Brock finally took the transmission out and then he told me that we would have to replace the drive shaft with some spindles and the total cost would be what he originally quoted me, $3200. This was after he had the car for approximately 6 weeks. He tripled his original quote and expected me to pay for it. When I got the bill he charged over $2400 in labor.

The part that he installed only cost $700.

The whole process was not fair and in order to get my car back I had to pay Brock his money. Now, I am out over $6000 because of AAMCO not fixing the problem from the beginning.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Part Replacement.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $6400.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Aamco Cons: Whole process.

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The transmission really, actually, completely went kaput on the very last day of the warranty ? The odds are astronomical.

I hope this didn't all transpire in person or over the telephone.

You need a solid paper trail in order to pursue this further.

Your details aren't very specific regarding type of vehicle, age, mileage, etc. so it's hard to tell you what to do next.

BUT ...

I'd drop a note to the local media that AAMCO is mean to active duty service personnel .....


Thank you Smitty, I thought it was pretty unfair myself.


Whatever smutty will not receive an accommodation for supporting Americans in general.


And your attention to the local market is ignored? Ok? What kind of hero are you?


Nope they are not. Fair. Beware.

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