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I called AAMCO (San Diego, California) about their free Engine Light check. John Doe aka JD (don't want to use real names) the site manager said it was free. I got to the shop, again I ask to make sure the engine light check was free. JD, in a super friendly attitude assured me there was no charge and we carried on our conversation like buddies. He printed the invoice and I without a second glance...I just signed on the dotted line. My buddy JD calls me two days later, he said the code is a transmission code, but he will run another check to see if he can get to the root of the problem. I said "Sure JD, that's why I came to you before spending any money to fix the darn thing. Tell me what you find so I can decide if I want to fix it or not." Another day goes buddy JD called and said it's an internal transmission problem, they would need to take the tranmission off the car and take it apart to figure out what the problem is. Cost? $900 to remove and disassemble. Estimate repair will be about $2764+. Of course, the $900 will be applied toward the total IF I repair through AAMCO. I said no, I'll pick up my car. When I got buddy JD'll cost $89.00 for the work. What work? What happened to the FREE Engine light check? Bla..bla..bla...bla excuses to make me pay. I REFUSED! I will not pay for something I was told it was FREE. JD tried to play the game...if it's up to me...I let you take you car now. BS...I would not budge. Eventually, I got my car...$0.00 cost.

This got to be AAMCO's cheapest scam to trick people into paying. I networking to everyone I know...keep away from AAMCO...BIG SCAM!!!.

Old lesson re-learned...buddy buddy = Rip Off.

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New undercover investigation conducted on Aamco! Demanding a refund? Check out


File complaint with

AAMCO Transmissions Consumer Affairs

201 Gibraltar Rd.

Horsham, PA 19044

610-668-2900 ext. 224

Toll free: 1-800-292-8500 ext. 224

Fax: 610-664-5897


Charlie W

I had towed to another repair center and they found nothing wrong. AAMCO-Irving wanted $1,208 for the bill.Scam\\\Look at


AAMCO in Irving #311653 is a sham. Dishonest and pumps bill up without approval and mis-states the cost.

Repair went from 700 to over 1200 with0out approval. Charges labor to tear down and rebuild. They have no authority to do repairs with then vehicle owner. Bad blogs, bad reputation, bad experience.

Check out AAMCO scam. This compnay only wants you once, becaue you are ruined by that time. RIP OFF. Owner would not call me back.

Class action suits have been filed against the company. Presidents number of AAMCO is 215-643-5885 MAX Graham. Corporate office 201 Gilbraltar Rd. Horsham, PA 19044.

Be wary!

These guys turn dark as the devil real quick. They know how to scam.


Check out!


Check out

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