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AAMCO SUCKS!!! Over 5 weeks ago, I brought my 2004 Ford explorer in for A/C repair. I spent over $740 for the repair. 1 month later, I am driving without A/C in the State of Florida.

My nightmare actually began last summer when I experienced A/C problems. The vehicle was blowing warm air. I took the vehicle into Aamco on 600 Lee rd in Orlando, Florida for Service. They charged my unit and said it was all good, meaning, they found no leaks. About 2 months later it began to get cool outside. I had not used the A/C much after the recharging until about 2 months ago. I brought my vehicle back to the Aamco and the person I originally dealt with was no longer employed at that station. The manager now was a man named Shannon. I explained my situation to Shannon and set an appointment to bring my vehicle in for service.

I am in outside sales and rely on my vehicle for work so having service on my car costs me both money and time. I rented a car and dropped my vehicle off on a Friday evening and left my key in the drop box. They serviced the vehicle and I picked it up when the work was complete. I paid for the service $748. When I got home, about 1 mile from the shop, there was a loud pop followed by a loud hissing coming from under the hood. My friend and I jumped out of the vehicle. I popped the hood and where they had done the work, the R22 was discharging. I called the shop back and told them what was happening. I made arrangements to bring the car back in the morning, which I did. I tried to tell Shannon where the problem was and his reply to me was, “don’t need to tell me, we are pro’s, we will find the problem” My friend replied back, “if your pro’s, why are we back here again”. Shannon got mad from the comment and some words were exchanged back and forth. In the meantime, my concern at this time was not only did I want my car fixed, but I was concerned that they would do something more to my vehicle to make the matter worse.

We left the vehicle and when I got home, Shannon called me to tell me that he was uncomfortable with the comment my friend made in my behalf. I told Shannon that it is what it is. I spent the money to have a repair done. I was told it was fixed. And it was not.

The next time I brought the vehicle in to have it fixed again, I had to rent another car so I could work. They had my vehicle all day and at the end of the business day, they called me to tell me they had to order the part and it would be a week before it would be in. They also told me that it would be an additional $300 but they would not bill me for the R22. I was so mad. However I told them to order the part and I would schedule a time to get it fixed. A week later (the day before I was scheduled to drop off my vehicle) Mark Riser (shop owner) called to tell me they could not do the repair because the machine they use for fixing air conditioning was broken and they could not do the repair until it was fixed.

By this time, I was so mad my head was spinning. I called their corporate headquarters customer service department. You cannot speak to someone directly. You must leave your information on a recorder and pray for someone to call you back. The message even says someone will call you back by the end of the business day. Well they didn’t. The called the following day. I spoke with a guy named Gregory. I was unpleased with the outcome. Gregory told me under the terms and conditions of the warranty of service, that I must take my vehicle back to that service center. I told Gregory that that was unacceptable. I explained that I had my vehicle in that shop 4x and rented 2 vehicles and that I did not have the confidence in that shop to do anymore work on my vehicle. He told me that was all he could offer to me. I told him I wanted to speak with someone over him. He then put me through to Ms Rachel Kings voicemail, customer service manger for Aamco. I left her the voicemail. It took her til the next day to respond. I explained the situation to her. She told me that she would call the location and try to find a resolution. This was last Friday around 4 pm. She said she would try and call me back before 5pm but if she couldn’t, she would contact me on Monday. She also told me “its not a perfect world and that she does make mistakes, and if she forgets to call me on Monday, Leave her a Voicemail to remind her of the conversation and she will call me back”. Well, I called her well over 10x and I still have not heard back from anyone with Aamco. Its now going on 2 weeks since anyone from Aamco has tried to come up with a resolution.

The bottom line – I paid to have my A/C fixed and I got ripped off. They stole $748 from


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There headquaters is in isreal. so they don't care.


Well idk about all specialisation perks being auto or buton pres based. I think it woluhd depend on what abilety it is.

I mean one abilety like cary more ammo is passive whiles the vehicle scan thing could be buton pressing.

I mean not to make some of them over powerd. Like jamming lockons if your a jet and if thats constant with no cooldown then you are hard to shoot down so some have to be an buton pressing abilety with cooldown not to make any given abilety to mutch overpowering.


so does anybody know if this is real or not cause in the mail i got this officaial notification what do i do with it any body know :( iam so mad i dont know what to do now

brent k

I got my transmission rebuilt by AAMCO in Anoka Minnesota. 1 day after driving my truck after it was fixed it was not shifting right.

I brought my truck to 3 other transmission shops and they said there was something wrong and to bring it back to where it was repaired. I brought it in and the guy at AAMCO said that the timing was off and that the transmission needed to break in. I broke in the transmission and it still does not work right. Everyone I have look at it laughs and says I got ripped off.

Now my over drive light is flashing on my truck and it’s not shifting out of second gear. Same problem I had when I brought it in there.

I paid a lot of money to get my transmission fixed and it’s not working I tell the guys at AAMCO and they seem to not care and rush me out the door please help me fix this problem. I also had the brakes and rotors fixed and they feel like they’re slipping .


Yes, I have been placed several times with AppleOne and have witnessed other people getting jobs. It sounds like you may be overqualified for the clients they have and they know you need more money than they can afford.

I would register with several agencies and build a relationship with them. You need to go through their process and then update your availablility every week or you'll become inactive, thus another reason they don't call you.

Try LinkedIn too and build a profile there. Good luck out there.


Why a transmission shop for A/C? And why do you keep going back to them when they clearly jack up your car every time?

Don't get me wrong, I wish AAMCO would go out of business and all thier employees would go to jail, but it consumers like you that keep them in business. AAMCO sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!


Doesn't matter why he went! I went to them for a trnasmission problem and had a very similar experience, but even worse.

It's amazing how many I have read online that are eerily similar to mine. Try getting ripped off to a tune of over $3000 for a trani rebuild that just went out on me last Monday, less than 2 years later! Not to mention, the *** running the shop didn't even remember me when I cam back in, hasn't called me once in a week, and still hasn't given me one reason to believe that they know what they are doing there. Problem is I have to go back for the warranty, of which I am lucky because I had to haggle with them for the 3-year coverage last time, otherwise they were only going to give me one year, under which I would have been screwed.

I have called corporate, and they actually called me back and have people in the location right now who are running the show.

I should be getting my car back today, after a WEEK, and I hope this is it with them!

I am going to demand a lifetime warranty this time, so don't take their BS, and fight them on everything. Don't take this treatment lying down and don't stop until you get some satisfaction, even if it means small claims!!!


"why do you go to a transmission shop for a/c?"

Probably for the same reason I have to go to a tire repair shop...

It's not a perfect world after all.


next time pay with a credit card so that you can get a refund through them. Live and Learn.


why do you go to a transmission shop for ac?

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