Lebanon, Tennessee
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I took my car to Amco Transmission on Lee Hwy because it seemed my transmission had went out. They were nice at first explaining they would look at the car and tow it at no charge!

I THOUGHT this was a good idea..it was NOT! They looked at the car and advised me it would be $1,400 to repair my transmission. I agreed and the worked on my car for 1 week. We got it back at the end of the week, expecting our car to be repaired.

The very next day I got into my car and the transmission was slipping. I drove it on to work and ended up stranded. My husband called Amco, they towed it back and "fixed" it. They advised us there would be no charge as a "favor" to our car dealership.

Wait, a "favor"? You never fixed it the first time. Anyways, we got the car back exactly 1 week from the time we dropped it off. We drove it for 3 days and guess what?

The transmission was slipping again! This time the car was not driveable at all. We called Amco and our car dealership. Amco towed it back to their shop and "fixed" it again as a "favor".

When the car was ready my husband called and asked for a receipt of all the work they had done on our car, they REFUSED! My husband advised them that was "bad business" and the man told my husband he was "full of ***". They dropped our car off at our car dealership, since they did them a "favor". We drove it for 2 days, and yesterday on my way home, the transmission started slipping again!

What ever you do..DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO AMCO TRANSMISSION ON LEE HWY. You will get screwed!!

Monetary Loss: $1.

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