Emmett, Idaho
Not resolved

Aamco had our truck for 6 weeks claiming it needed a new engine, we were told it would be less than 2 weeks before we got it back, they wouldn’t call back and they kept making excuses finally we get it back and we didn’t even have it a day and it kept sputtering and stalling, they put the wrong engine in it. They supposedly put in the correct engine we get it back and it dies just outside of St George Utah because we are in the process of moving.

Throughout all of this the manager and owner have been complete idiots and the owner refuses to compensate for any of the $700 in rental fees we have accumulated because of dealing with them. Now we’ve spent $5500 on a truck that is dead and who knows if or when the owner is going to do anything about it.

We got the truck back Thursday the 27th and it died yesterday the 30th. This place is the biggest scam I’m ever dealt with.

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