Berkeley, California

I called the AAMCO in Richmond ca and asked if they really check engine light for free. They said they did and after I told them my 95 Riviera was the car make and model they told me the price would start at $95.99.

Their ads are false and misleading. The guy who answered the phone said they only do cars with OOBD11 systems. My Riv has an OBD11 computer system, but takes and OBD1 connector. He told me I was wrong.

He should learn what he is talking about befor he makes *** statements. He just wanted my money.

Had he taken the time to look it up he would have found out I was right. Customer service sucks.

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a 1995 riviera is obd1 not obd2


If you go to their website, the free engine check coupon says that pre-1996 models may be excluded. It also says the check includes reading of error codes, which doesn't sound like a useful service to me.

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