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I have a 2002 Audi A4. The water pump had a leak.

After speaking with the representative on the phone they had convinced me that they where fully capable of servicing my vehicle. Once I got the vehicle into their shop they quoted me $1,600.00 to fix my car. I told them that I do not have $1,600.00 to pay them to fix it. Then AAMCO representative told me not to worry about it.

Then he told me that they could set me up on a payment plan and they would repair my vehicle. I agreed to these terms. The rep then told me that all I need to do is bring in four checks and write them out and they would cash the checks on set dates over the next 60 days. However I did not have any real checks.

So I went to the bank and got some over the counter checks and took those into the representative. By this time 2 business days have all ready passed. Then representative told me that these checks would not work. I had to order them from the bank.

They would take 14 days to come in. He told me that they could not start work until my checks came in. So I told them that I would have the car picked up and take it somewhere else. All of the sudden now my over the counter checks where good and they would start work on the vehicle.

They went ahead and deposited the first check. 2 business days later I get a call from them and they tell me that they do not have the tools to work on my car and could not service it. My car was in their care for 7 days and they did not do anything but give me the run around.

They also have not refunded the money from my first check.

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I had my car towed to AAMCO in Fountain, CO (possible Transmission) after talking to another shop and explained the problem to them they gave me a cheaper price and didnt charge $475 to just look at the car. In addition I just had the oil changed the day before AAMCO told me thaty wouldn't release the car until I pay them for putting 5 qts of oil in the car.


good luck on getting ur $$ back make sure u let ur face book friends and anyone know aobut this we cant keep this thing to our selfs think that selfish good luck

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