Aiken, South Carolina

I took my car to AAMCO in Aiken, SC 29803 also known as Sure Start, Inc. located at 1657 Whiskey Road.

I try to use the businesses around where I live to make things easier for everyone. This was the 2nd week in February, 2012. I picked the car up twice because supposedly it was fixed. My car was sent to the Toyota Dealership on March the 9th, 2012 and taken back to AAMCO on March 12 with a completely new transmission installed by Toyota free of charge.

Of course I had just paid AAMCO $2825.84 to fix the car.

Now I am out $2824.84 because they refuse to give me my money back. Thieves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Had transmission work done in va week before me and my wife got stationed to Georgia and the car acted up on the drive there so the closest Aamco was In Aiken sc......where do I begin long story short the guy Lenoard tells me how busy he is .Called corporate they told me to take the car there so he can look at it(hour drive Augusta ga to their shop) i dropped my 2008 dodge charger off monday they said they won't cover a rental for me so I had to pay for a rental 150 deposit then 50 a day I paid for a rental for a week I come to pick it up on Friday THEY NEVER LOOKED AT THE CAR!!!! so he tells me he is soooo busy and couldn't look at it till Monday so I had to bring the car in after a hour drive for the 6th time back and forth after hours he tells me a shifter needs to be replaced so he tells me to give him a week (December around the 22nd ) so I did he orders the part I bring it in and after the hour drive and 3 hours of me and my pregnant wife waiting he tells me they ordered the wrong part so the part should be there saturday so I need a rental car for the day and the Aamco in va will pay me back so another 150 deposit and 50 for a rental they call me Saturday and tell me the part won't be in till Monday or Tuesday so what do ya know I have to pay for the rental from friday-tuesday!!

The va Aamco said they wouldn't cover last 3 days for the rental so after telling lenoard how a Aamco in ouyallup was made us pay 650 dollars for a evap seal leak fix that never fixed the problem and how another shop said that it was holes in my gas tank he said he would order me a used tank for 300 dollars which I didn't have so for what wasn't covered by va Aamco he out toward the tank which fixed the evap seal problem but he messed my welding i just had done on my muffler so the bottom of the car makes a noise so I pick my car up (and what to do you know still had problems.He tells me its a crank shaft sensor that may be messing it up so get that fixed (256 dollars ) I get home after getting home from taking the car from his shop I look on the passenger side and he hit a pot hole and cracked and chipped my 22 inch chrome rim and tire and on the second rim its cutt up and the tire as well I call him he says yes my technician hit a pothole but I didn't think to check for damage so then he says I will try to get it repaired give him some time and he willl find a guy to fix it in his area....week later nothing so we call him again he says send him pics......we did and again week later nothing from him we call and he says they can't be repaired and the rims can't be replaced because they are no longer made so then I tell him all 4 would have to be replaced then he said he's not paying for all 4 so we got our insurance involved after the run around and they wrote us a estimate for the 2 damaged rim and tires and we had to pay 500 deductible that we shouldn't have to pah so now I'm still sitting on the same damaged rims trying to get them to be a man and replace my rims I did not take my car there with 2 perfect rims I took it there with 4 perfect rims I spent 2 grand on them and had them since 2010 and never damaged them but they damage them and now they don't make them anymore and all 4 have to be replaced and he refuses so looks like court may be the issue.Also he gave us attitude this entire time and even tried to say we were lying about 2 being damaged then telling us he tired of dealing with us and our car. He's a bullshitter and a cheapskate he refused to replace them when he found out how much they cost.we've been in contact with Aamco corporate they said there's not much they can do but try and pursuade them .


contact me please about your toyota im trying to file a claim against him and can include you in this claim. my number is 7-0-6-7917346


did the same thing tome that's why im suing their buts.


sue em

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