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Update by user Oct 31, 2012

Now that another auto shop has fixed my vehicle. The owner is only offering 1500 and my repair was over 3500.00. Here is the email I received from the owner and customer service.

Ms. Woods

We are prepared to refund the original charges on our repair order as well as the cost of the distributor which we can confirm was damaged by our technician. You will be required to sign a release for the funds noted immediately below.

RO total with tax was $990.04

Distributor $499.28

Total Refund $1439.32

Had you not pulled the vehicle off our lot without our knowledge, it would have been repaired the following day and under warranty. Any additional parts required would have showed on a completed invoice at no charge with an explanation.

Again, we apologize for the mistakes along the way, however the warranty in fact does cover the human element. As you chose to have your repairs done elsewhere, you will be responsible for the additional charges above and beyond our refund noted above.

Please let us know how we can get a release to you and subsequently your refund.

Thank you,


Now they are trying to put the blame on me as you can see. Of course I email back and this is the response I received from customer service Anna Wright.

Ms. Woods,

Failure of workmanship and materials is covered under warranty. This appeared to be a workmanship issue that Vince Ornato was willing to make right. Mr. Ornato is the independent owner of this business and he is the CFO, President and area manager. My company attempts to mediate customer complaints. Mr. Ornato made a reasonable offer and we all regret that you chose not to accept it. At this point we are unable to mediate further.

Anna Wright


AAMCO Consumer Support Department

800-292-8500, extension 224

Fax 267-460-4331


I tryed calling the CEO of Aamco Transmission and he will not return my call.

Update by user Sep 14, 2012

Nothing resolved and Owner is offering $200 and to repair the damage with no warranty. Was told by their corporate office any repairs will not be warranty.

On the internet this business is closed and has an BBB sticker on the door. Found out they are not part of the BBB.

Original review posted by user Aug 14, 2012

Broke parts on my engine and didn't repair the problem. A 6 hour job became a week and half job. I took my car to Aamco to repair an antifreeze leak and they falsely corrected the problem but using sealant and taking apart my engine. Was told one thing and the next thing I know my truck was taken apart and when they tried to put it back together, they used wrong screws and old parts to try and repair the problem. Hoses were rerouted to different place. Chris lied about the repair and try to cover it up by saying they corrected all problems.

8-5-2012 Truck starts to shake and engine soon light comes on.

8-6-2012 Took truck to Aamco Transmission in Renton, 500 SW Grady Way. When I drooped it off it was running but leaking anti-freeze on the ground. Talk to a tech that was there and he said they would test it and call you to tell you what the problem is. Received a call from Chris at 10:06am,he told me that I had an gasket on the bottom of the engine that was leaking and it would cost $900 to fix and they would have to lift the engine up to repair that gasket leak. I asked would it be done today and he told me yes it takes 6 hours and it will be ready for pick-up. Called 12:45pm, Chris said the truck will be done and at 5:30pm my truck was not done.

8-7-2012 Went back to Aamco Transmission at 6pm, because per of Chris it was fixed and I could pick it up. Got to the shop at 5:55pm and my truck was brought to me running. I got in and my Engine Service Soon light was on. Asked Chris why is it on he tells me that my Crankcase senor is going out but it is nothing to worry about. He had a tech come out and turn it off. Drove out of the park lot and the Engine Service Soon light comes back and the truck starts shaking and the truck tries to cut off. I turn around and go back and tell Chris, he needs to ride with me. He gets in the truck and we drive around the block and the Engine Service Soon light comes on and the truck starts to shake with him in the truck. He tells me when the tech drove the truck up the hill and on 167, it was running good. Gets to Howell Street and the truck cuts off, Chris tells me that my crankcase senor went bad and not to worry about it, they will fix everything and there is no cost to me. Gets my truck to start back up and makes it back to the shop.

8-8-2012 8am- Go to Aamco and Chris not available but a tech was outside and I asked what is really wrong with my car. He said it could be the crankcase senor but unsure until he take it apart again. I explain to him that this 6 hour job has become a three day project. I told him that I didn't even get far from the shop and my truck start to shake and cut-off. He said they drove my truck down the street and back. I told him if you can't fix it take my truck to Good Chevrolet and let them fix it and Aamco pay for it because Aamco is not fixing the problem just causing more problems. Chris calls me at 3:46pm and tells me that my truck is still not fixed and it will be ready Thursday for sure and don't worry about anything, we will take care of any problems. Once again I explain to Chris if you can't fix it take it to Good Chevrolet and let them fix it right. He tells me no we got it. He tells me, I understand where you are coming from and let us fix and your truck will be ready Thursday.

8-9-2012 Called at 1:28pm, Chris said the truck will be ready. Called back at 5:05pm, Chris said received the wrong parts and defective gasket, crankcase senor and distributor. My truck will not be ready until Friday. Once again, Chris telling me sorry.

8-10-2012 Called at 2:46pm Chris tells me, he received the right parts and my truck will be ready to go. Called at 5:42pm, Chris tells me they are almost done but it will be Saturday. He said sorry again and said for the weekend he would give me a company car to drive for the weekend. But would give me a call to let me know when the truck is ready. No call.

8-11-2012 Go passed @ 11:30am, Aamco and tech has my truck out of garage and working on it outside the bay. Went passed shop at 6pm, nobody in shop. No call from Chris about car.

8-12-2012 Shop closed

8-13-2012 Go pass shop @6:42pm, tech standing outside. Go back at 8:05am, tells Chris that I want my truck and he tells me that it will be ready at 6pm today. I asked him what is wrong and he said everything is fixed and all the tech needs to do is an oil change and put it back together. I tell him it has been a week and you have made a 6 hour job into a week in half job and my truck is still not running right. I brought here running and now it is barely running at all. He tells me, it will be done @6pm.

6:09pm- Go to get truck and it is sitting outside the shop and nobody there. Takes spare keys and starts my truck up and my Engine Service Soon light is on and it is making a ticking noise and trying to shut-off.

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