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January 12th, 2016

Peter agreed to replace the transmission and has executed a repair that by all accounts is a success 3 weeks after install. In addition, the oil pressure sensor was replaced and after checking the codes at AutoZone, I have verified that the issue has been addressed.

The only remaining issue is an evaporative system fail which Peter says he will address.

With regards to the transmission: the shifting is extremely smooth, smoother than I could have anticipated given that it is a factory remanufactured unit.

Without a doubt, this would be the way for any consumer to go when faced with transmission overhaul. One day service, and peace of mind, knowing that every part of the tranny is fresh. It is not an upsell in the least, it is a premium service that eliminates the potential guesswork inherent to car repair.

If you could get a remanufactured heart instead of enduring triple bypass surgery, stents, etc what would you do? That is what Aamco should be asking consumers (in different ways, of course) as they continue to market and complete installs of its remanufactured transmissions.

To be clear, it seems that Peter's new location has afforded him a fresh start, and he is making good on it. While the situation at the old location (as described in the earlier review) was wholly unacceptable, I am one to seek a nuanced understanding of the man, the business and the reasons why such an event occurred.

After much consideration, I believe that sometimes an individual can be dragged down by the constraints and culture of a franchise, or an industry and may adopt generally accepted practices that may not serve a consumers best interests. Certainly, his GM at the time was not an asset to Peter. Escalating dissatisfaction and rancor is not the role of any associate, let alone management or ownership. Upon reviewing his new shop, I have noticed that a very capable younger mechanic seems to have taken a large role in the business.

A fresh face that may not have been exposed to some of the uglier practices that have tarnished the auto repair industry. Someone who is aware of social media and it's impact, someone who will stay ahead of the curve and provide excellent customer service, and strong win-win outcomes. This proactive approach stands in stark contrast to the backpedaling we see when service providers attempt to mitigate damage to consumers with a free oil change or something of low value to a consumer who spent valuable time patronizing one business over another and wound up an aggreived subject. Hiring this young man has certainly turned the operation around.

His transparent demeanor and earnestness is antithetical to what I had seen at the previous AAMCO, which from over 20 hours of internet reading, seemed to be run like many others around the country. This review does have a shelf-life however, as consumers will remain on alert ( as always, caveat emptor.) However, and without reservation, I fully endorse the results that East Brunswick Aamco is achieving and strongly encourage Peter to identify why this is the case, and sustain progress for many years to come. It falls upon Peter to ensure this positive growth is not an aberration but a sign of good things to come from AAMCO as a franchisor and himself as a franchisee. Retain great help, let them execute and you will enjoy continued success at this location.

That said, I absolve Peter of his past transgressions and in moving forward sincerely hope that the culture of AAMCO continues to improve. I will be update this review in February to report back on the transmissions status after approximately 2000 miles, and followup on the evaporative system issue.

Original review posted by user Jun 04, 2015

New Brunswick- East Brunswick Aamco: Peter Fiorentino doubled the price quoted. The $129.00 unwritten diagnosis changed apropos of nothing as Peter used the Aamco script (google it) to express gloom and doom and a $3500 price tag based on lies.

All assurances were given. 8 days later the car was returned unrepaired and clearly not taken on a road test. Upon reinspecting the car for half a day, Peter stated, 'Maybe we didnt flush it enough.' At this point we were I had lost confidence in Peter, haveing been subject to menacing behavior by his GM, bullying tactics and insults along the way. After I quietly left his office, Peter asked if something was wrong I said, ' I can't bs anymore i'm a better writer than talker.

' At that point, Peter screamed, " Are you threatening me!" and continued in a scorched tone , unintelligably. He screamed "Get out of my fing store!" I walked out the store. He sent his GM to follow me to my car and see if I'd bring my car the following Wednesday and I said, I was upset and unsure what I was going to do. He made hostile and demeaning commentary.

I left and then forgot my paperwork from the dealership and the place I had my cars transmission flushed at several months prior to it becoming faulty. Peter found one and when I asked for the other he screamed and said, HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IT IF WE WROTE BAD THINGS ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS?!" I had never done work with Peter before and if I had known I would be disserviced, disparaged and treated in such a desultory manner I'd have asked for my car back on day 3 after the price was doubled, a 2200 deposit was placed and no work had been done. I stayed with what I felt was a bad situation because Peter promised a contract for finishing work at his new facility in East Brunswick.

This is my first internet commentary after 17 months of trying to take the high road, seeking a refund through credit card companies, (one reversed a charge) Aamco corporate and certified lawyer letters. We will now sue Mr.

Fiorentino and take any measures necessary to alert the public of the pain and financial strain Aamco and Peter have inflicted on countless New Brunswick area citizens (170+) along with others who have become entangled in the rapacious system of fraud perpetuated by Peter and condoned by Aamco corporate. I will personally picket his new store until the media shows up at this new location.

After reading complaints throughout the nation, here and on consumer affairs something needs to be done. Americans have had enough of being ripped off and disregarded by corporste with legitimate disputes.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Aamco Pros: Commercials.

Aamco Cons: Results, Being yelled at, Incompetence.

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