El Paso, Texas
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My vehicle has been there two times already and the transmission is still failing. I paid $1800 dollars to Mr.

Ty Boughter and he has not fixed it.

I will have to take my car for the 3rd time. Today my car went out of gear and it is not driveable.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Welk took the car back I still had a balance so I paid it, about 1 mile from home the trans goes into neutral. Used my fathers truck to push the car to ky house.

I can't believe how they let these people take advantage of the less fortunate. Well the car was getting fixed for my son to go to college. I did not take the car back cause I know nothing was getting done. Mr.

Ty how can you screw people over and lie to my face that you fixed my car. I have so much things to write on this blog but I have to keep calm. Mr. Ty I believe you were in the military Army, I would not *** another soldier the way you did to me.

How can you keep doing this.

So now I have no money I am under disability and the money I paid you Ty was my wifes income tax. Well since there is no way to have a conversation with you I hope somebody can help me.


Hey bud, where is the rest of your review? What happened to your car?

Is your review posted on ripoff report consumer affairs yelp and the others? These guys and corporate wont care until any google search pulls up these p.o.s.

owners. Aamco corporate wont respond unless they see numbers dropping nationwide


Just updated it, and feel sad on how people can treat others like this.

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