Pico Rivera, California
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A bunch of *** bags dishonest people. Try to get you every time with there lies.

Should be shut down. A thief will always be a thief. I don't get how people still go there. These people has been doing shady business for a long time.

I got ripped of when I was inexperienced at the age of 19 I am 27 now and its a *** shame for me. I should have know better. I understand a business is a business but don't rip people of because you guys need to make more money. Be honest and good things will come.

At this point your screwed to many people that have dealt with this Bs.

Hope to see that business miserably fail. Should be soon.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4000.

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there is no AAmco in Pico Rivera. this is a bogus complaint

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