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I went to Aamco transmissions in north attleboro, ma. They tell you that they give you an external diagnostic for 60.00. If they do any work then it's free. so they looked at my tranny and said they were going to have to take it apart. they took it apart for the cost of 400.00 they said it was junk.(which it was). they said a price of about 600.00 to repair it. so as they were amassing parts the came up with another figure of 1500.00. near the end I got a price of 1900.00. so I told them to go ahead.

The final price was 2900.00 I had to tell them to go ahead. They had my transmission apart. I would have had to pay between 1500 and 1900 If they put it back together without fixing it.So with tax and everything it was 3000.00. They did a really good job but It cost me dearly. I was also paying 381.90 a month for my hyundai payments. Live and learn... read below.

I ran over a truck tire on the highway and cracked my bumper cover. no problem. 2 years later my transmission DIED and was leaking fluid.

I had it towed to Pride Hyundai in seakonk, ma. they said they won't warrintee it because it looks like I hit a curb. Only problem is that it was leaking from the top. If I hit a curb It would leak from the bottom. I called Hyundai corperate many time and all they do is refer back to the dealer.

In the end I did not get anywhere with the dealer or hyundai motors. So I took my car to AAmco transmissions. Did an amazing job but they are scam artists. It cost me 2995.00 for them to rebuild it. Hyundai comes with a 10yr 100000 mile warrentee but it's not worth the paper it's printed on.

My car was only at 15,000 miles when my transmission went. Do yourself a favor. Spend the extra money to get a honda or toyota.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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