Palmerton, Pennsylvania

i went to clay automotive aamco in Bethlehem about a year and a few months ago,, paid close to $2100.00 to have a new transmission put in my car and was told i have a two year warranty and i could go to any aamco and show them my customer order number and they would honor my warranty,,, well lets just say clays closed shortly after that and i was already experiencing a i had to find a another aamco,, to see if this was related to my transmission. the aamco found that it was a speed sensor and quickly contacted corporate to check my customer number in the system,, the status of my warranty was good he fixed my car and,,, i was on my way ,,since then i have had the same problem 3 months later and i broke down on a Friday on the hi way..

again i called the aamco that fixed it so he said have the car brought to the garage and i will take a look.. so i had AAA, take the car to him,, he said it was the speed sensor again,, and the car was going to be fixed by Monday,, well Monday came and i called to check if it was finished and i found out again the aamco was shut down and my car would be sent to another aamco,, number many problems as of today my car is still not back almost 4 weeks later and the aamco is saying my warranty is not valid that corporate needs my receipts,,, still to this date,,i have not received any receipt they hand u a key and say OK your all set and send you off,, ,, each time i took my car to an aamco and had work done ...

they were able to find my customer number,, now they are having a problem,,no one at corporate will help me because both aamco`s have closed and they don't want to front the cost,, i have no consumer protection at all,, what should i do,, i have been missing work because i work 22 miles away and its hard to get a ride when the buses aren't running and i have 3 children,,so drop off to child care n then to and from for all of them and taking me to work,, this can be a hassle now after 4 weeks.. i need my car back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Customer Care.

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same deal, tranny acting up,under warranty,,they are trying to tell me its my spark plug wires.


Should have taken it to a real shop that does major transmission or engine repair. Aamco is and always has been, so help me God, the most crooked, nasty and criminal auto repair outfit in the United States since they were established.

Don't tell me you got suckered in by their clever but ultimately lame commercials that run every day and all day all over TV. Running all those ads gives those nefarious crooks an endless supply of pigeons who don't know any better. And Aamco is known for incompetence almost as much as pure rip-offs.

Have your car towed to an independent shop nearby and avoid the big chains in the future. They're always a scam that costs you thousands and all the grief you endure as well.

@Never go to Aamco!

Couldt agree more

I worked at one.I KNOW its a crooked scam.

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