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So my transmission went into limp mode on March 6th, 2011. I called around and AAMCO did a FREE inspection. I dropped it off to AAMCO on March 7th, 2011. When Darryl, at AAMCO (2810 Cortez Rd W. Bradenton, FL 34207) called me back after the free inspection, he mentioned that their scanner codes said that "the problem was internal". Darryl said "in order to diagnose the problem it would be $400 to take the transmission out to inspect". After this I called around for a second opinion. Thankfully I did so.

I picked up my vehicle from AMMACO very next morning, March 8th, 2011, I was confronted by Darryl with "my manager would like to talk to you about your vehicle and possibly buying your vehicle from you". Frankly I was appalled by this jester. As I had mentioned that I need to use this vehicle for myself and business. The manager of the store went on and on about how it would cost approximately $1,600 to repair my transmission and that I was getting a discount. The manager started showing me countless other repairs on his computer system of similar repair type ranging from $1,900 to over $3,000. That is "IF" we do not find anything else wrong. Then the manager started to tell me if I took it to another shop that isn't a major chain store like AAMCO (with 82 locations in Florida alone) the repair wouldn't be guaranteed as well as theirs. And if I drove it away now the transmission might got out for good. I told him no thanks, and that I found a cheaper repair shop and the grind really started by the manager.

The next day (March 9th, 2011) I took my vehicle to another local shop. This shop told me that they did the same diagnostics that AMMCO did and found that the problem was NOT internal. The show said it could be solved by replacing a $300 part. A part that is a very common part that goes out on my type of vehicle. When I got the call saying that with everything I did to get the van back on the road it would be touch over $400. I was relieved. And on March 9th, 2011 I was back on the road in my van.

I never received any paperwork that my vehicle was even there. No written estimates, No paperwork stating that they even had my vehicle. Do your research. I find this business practice by AMMCO flat out shameful!

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wow- they are charging me $650 just to disassemble it and its been there for almost a week!


These guys are thieves. I had differential work .

It cost 2200.

A month later it failed and cost another 1800. These guys suck.....Cortez road.


I have been there three times and spent about $3000.00 in all repairs done!!! And yes DARYL ( and somebody else before him, and even another someone else before him......DO YOU THINK THE RED FLAGS SHOULD HAVE WENT UP...!?!?!?!?!?!

) was there at the time.......Now I am thinking to myself that this is AAMCO and being a national chain they would not only do a GOOD JOB, but rather an outstanding job........well this was not the case........with ALL THREE REPAIRS the car had to go back, they broke the small red inside light bulb for the alarm system, ( its gone, like never to be seen again.... ) and with the last repair, it too has failed and I now have to fix it myself!!!!!!!!!

Jesus when will BRADENTON AAMCO, ON CORTEZ ROAD ACROSS FROM COX AUTO get their "***" together.............I'LL bet NEVER...........So if you value your car and your money, DO NOT TAKE EITHER TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do a little research first to find a REALLY GOOD repair shop and mechanic!!!!!!!!!!


i got mine done there it was sapose to b a free estamate but they called back saying i owe them 1200 or i can pay 2500 to get it fixed they would not give me my car back so i ended up paying 2500 an since i got my car back its been about 3 weeks an it already had to go back 1st time it poured the fluid wich needed a new servo 2 time they forgot the cap an that i had a crack in my case an he was sapose to glue it he calls then i go pick it up i get it just off the lot an it pours more tranny fluid so i walk back to the shop an he tells me i need a new casr an the glue didnt work so i was stuck with no car fora week an half i will never use them again


I wouldn't let Gary Ott fix a bicycle chain, or Jeff, they are both lying , cheating , crooks. First hand experience with them. They should be arrested and put away for what they have done to customers :( :( :(


Gary Otto, is a crook. I worked for him years ago.

I couldn't stand the way they did business. You know what AAMCO stands for in their shop. All Automatics Must Come Out. They felt that if the car had close to 100,000 miles or more on it that they must rebuild it even if it didn't need it.

They said if they didn't rebuild it, that someone else would and they have to pay bills, so that's just the way it goes.

Needless to say I left. I'm glad to hear it's under new owners, but I would never work for them again.


The AAMCO Transmission on 2801 cortez rd. in Brandenton is now under new owners.

AAMCO shops will honor there warrantys and offer services that are outstanding in this field. Any past history that was related to this shop will and can be addresed. We are doing our best to make the customer feel safe and confident in our service.

We welcome everyone to come back and give us a try. We are offering free checks on AC, Brakes, and transmission check.


@Bobby Hartzell

who is the new owne??? my car is in there as we speak and Julius want $750 just to check the transmission without my approval..

I already know what wrong with my transmission, I just want an estimate of how much to replace the *** thing. Julius want $4000..

No way , now i want my car back he said i have to pay $750... for what???


As the owner of AAMCO of Bradenton, we take pride in how we treat our customers and how we make the repair to your car or truck.

We have an A+ rating as an Acredited Member of the Better Business Bureau. We have been an outstanding member of the Manatee Chamber of Commerce and on their board of advisors for a number of years.

In all honesty I must tell you that we are certainly not perfect and through human error can make a mistake. However the important thing to know is when we do make a mistake, we stick with it until it is repaired correctly. We will never leave you in the lerch.

Regarding the specific two conplaints listed below; in one case the transmission fluid was burnt, which is the biggest indicator of internal damage. Yes we could have patched the transmission, but that is not the correct way to handle the problem. By doing that the customer could end up on the side of the road and would be even less satisfied with us.

In the other case the customer was given a timeframe for the repair and we missed it by two days. That's all! The repair was made correctly and thoroughly.

We appreciate our customers and will continue to provide quality repairs at a fair price for our Manatee and Sarasota county customers. :p


gary otto sucks and he knows hes a fool aamco cortez road stayaway lying man of his word


:( :( gary otto is a thief & laier no shame in his game a bad man stay away from cortez aamco and the otto family


I did a search on Jeffery Yurman and he has three arrest records on, Would anyone really think this guy is honest??????


I did a search on Jeffery Yurman and he has three arrest records on, Would anyone really think this guy is honest??????


I took my car to AAMCO on Jan 16,2011. THe manager JEFF YURMAN was so disrectful I would never go there again, after I would not leave my car he even asked me out for a drink! Unbelievable!




personal attack, without facts.


A solenoid replacement on a overheated transmission is a temporary fix, which if the solenoid gets contaminated, by the clutch material in the transmission it is ruined.The money spent on the solenoid is down the toilet.A correct repair requires a accurate diagonis of internal issues in the transmission.


I have had terrible experiences with a couple of AAMCO shops here in Minnesota, would not honor warranty I paid extra for, said they repaired problem but then transmission went into limp mode as soon as I drove it off their lot, finally took it to independent shop they correctly diagnosed and FINALLY FIXED the problem. Wish I had done some investigating BEFORE I ever went into an AAMCO


I can't comment about your problem, but in my case the dealer told me they had to replace the entire transmission and the Aamco in Bradenton made the repair while the transmission was still in the car, and while I waited for under $200.00.


This is the biggest scam shop of all the scam shops out there. They've been doing that exact same scam that you got yourself out of, for not years but DECADES.

You were quite adept at avoiding these ***'s tricks and taking your car to a real shop. You saved yourself thousands. Others haven't been so lucky. And many lost not just thousands of dollars, but their cars were often ruined as well.

But you did make one mistake. Going to those nasty thieves at AAMCO in the first place.

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