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to whom it may concern...

think twice about taking your car to the AAMCO in vista or escondido california. they are owned by the same individual - art terrell. they took four tries over two weeks to rebuild the transmission in my caravan, each time making the problem worse. and with rude and unprofessional customer service. the vista shop has numerous unresolved disputes with the better business bureau and numerous complaints with the bureau of automotive repair. I have won a small claims judgment against mr terrell but have yet to collect close to $3500 in damages. and just so you know...the 800 corporate number for AAMCO has been completely useless in dealing with this issue, their response has been that the individual shops are privately owned...

beware....AAMCO SUCKS.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Art Terril is a flaming *** I have a '68 Mustang with a lifetime Aamco warranty since 1980. I take it in to Aamco that Art owns for my yearly check up, which I've done for decades. . .and HE says they weren't going to honor it any longer because the motor had been modified. I said this is the exact motor I've had every time I come here. . .and this car is only driven 500 miles a year with NO RACING. I had to plead with him to honor it.

Then in 2011. . I drove all the way to El Cajon for the Aamco warrenty work. They told me horror stories about Art.

Aamco has now dumped it relationship with him. . but if I see him again, I am going to work that MF over. There are many stories where he has screwed his customers as well as employees. *** . that guy.


Art Terrill is a rip off bye charging me over 3 grand for a job he never did tells you how great his warrenty is then your car breaks down he becomes rude and don't want to fix your car he keeps making you take your car back over and over again and never fix the car, his wife sue is a rip off 2 their both rip off want ever you do don't take your car their you well get rip off loose your money Art and Sue should be in Jail .


dont care about new ownership, this is aamcos game. *** service from corporate when theres a dispute.

they just change the management and go on as usual.

its aamco corporate that is the real problem, not just the individual managers.

ill never give them another cent and i tell everyone i can to do the same. vote with your dollars and take your business somewhere else.


:grin NEW OWNERS,NEW MANAGEMENT,NEW STAFF, NEWLY REMODLED. Now has a helpful and friend manager, and a very clean shop.


The new owner is an honest, knowledgeable gentlemen who truly cares about you and your vehicle.


Sorry he moved to Fresno. He screwed his employees when he closed down his business too. Didn't pay their taxes but deducted them from their checks and gave them a W2 reflecting the deductions that Mr Terrill pocketed.


Actually Art Terrell does not own the AAMCO in Vista anymore. He lost the AAMCO's and moved to Fullerton and openned Quality Transmission. The AAMCO in Vista now owned by the corporation itself.


Thanks..I was just going to call them and take my vehicle there saved me. I notice the owner made a comment....."good luck".

What is that about? It just verifies your opinion.


Good luck...


A suggestion. Since you have a jundment against Atr Terrill and AAMCO, you should contact the sheriff's department to see what options you have.

You can also tap his bank accounts, etc. Also, I understand those two AAMCOs in Vista and Escondido are co-owned by a guy named Jim Farrell - an aamcoc owner in the los Angeles area. You might want to contact him as well. If all that fails, see if you can find his home address and lien his property!

Aamcos are owned by individuals, not corporate entiteis so you might be able to go that route.

whatever you do, do it fast. He owns 4 aamcos one in san diego, escondido, vista and fresno and, he's going broke fast!

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