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I am writing this complaint because I am excessively dissatisfied by the lack of customer service, and outraged how the employees and owners at this Aamco scammed and treated me. On the first day 12/19/16, I came into Aamco located on 157 Tully Road San Jose 95111 to get the free code check engine light as advertised on TV.

I was told that the code was a cylinder 2 misfire, meaning it could be a number of things that could be wrong with my car, so I schedule to come on December 21st at 8:00am the following days. The second day I came back on 12/21/16 at 8:00 am in the morning to do a check engine light diagnostic. After 1 hour I was told verbally the diagnostics of my car and I was given an estimate over the phone. At this time, they told it would take until noon to finish work on my car.

Despite that reassurance, I was never contacted at noon. After waiting 6 long hours, I came back to check in on the status of my car myself around 2:00 pm since I never receive a call. When I got there, I found out that my car was never looked at or worked on; only the parts had barely arrived. The current time was 2:00 pm, and I was told by the receptionist, Paul, that it was only take two more hours before the work on my car was done.

I left and waited another 3 more hours. Around 4:45 I received a call from the receptionist telling me that they need to keep my car overnight. Outraged from the lack of work, I didn't want to keep my car overnight, nor did I agree/sign any form to authorize them to keep the car overnight. By the time I got there, it was 4:55 pm, and the store was closed.

The only person there was the mechanic. He told me that Paul left early. Since my relatives were out town and I had no means of transportation home. As a result, I was forced to walk home which was on the other side of town over 8 miles at night.

That night infuriated me, and I wrote a complaint online at the Aamco customer service website. I understand that there is an overnight fee storage for cars, and I WILL NOT BE PAYING FOR SUCH FEES due to customer dissatisfaction and service. The next day, I called in sick for my work and I was left a message from the receptionist saying that my car was done. Because I didn’t have any means of transportation, I was forced to use Lyft.

When I got there it was around 2:00pm and I thoroughly expressed my frustrations how they left me stranded and procrastinated on getting the work done the day prior. I told them I did not sign anything authorizing the all the excessive tunes ups work that was added onto the bill (670 dollars) In response, he say that they have a phone recording of me giving them my authorization. Despite that I did talk to them over the phone, he did not disclose that I was being recorded nor did I consent to an audio recording. After expressing my frustration of the situation, to my surprise the employee made criminal threats stating that he would “Kick my ***,” and verbally harassed me “Either pay the bill or get the f*$k out!” Since Aamco didn’t want to compensate me for my dissatisfaction and injustice, I opted to just pay the full amount of the bill.

Because I didn’t take this lightly, I stepped outside and contacted the police non-emergency for I felt threatened by this Aamco employee if I was to walk back in the auto shop. When I went back inside, I had disclosed that I was recording the conversation, and that I was just going to pay for the full bill. During the conversation Aamco worker had the store manager on speaker phone, and they told they declined my method of payment via credit card, and expressed that they were only going to except cash only. On top of this, the store manager, was verbally harassing me and making criminal threats that he would assault me if he was there, and that he would sell my car the next day if I didn’t pay that day.

This got to the point where the officer had to step in and tell him to calm down over the phone. Since they were only going to except cash only, I had to walk the nearest bank and do a cash advance, in which made me uncomfortable walking in public with a bulk of cash. I ended up coming back and payed the bill and left. All in all, this was an extremely frustrating experience with a load of injustices.

I brought my car in 5/21/16 8:00 am so that it could get done that same day. I shouldn’t have been left stranded and kept waiting over 24 hours just to get my car fixed. On top of that, they didn’t even given me an option to pick up the car and bring it back the following day: hence them leaving early. Because of this, I forced to leave my sibling whom is a minor home by themselves all day and night that day.

I only agreed for the check engine light; they over charged for a tune up that I did not authorized, nor does changing fluids have anything to do with the check engine light. Plus it was against the law to record me over the phone without my knowledge. Added to that, I had to miss a day of work of which I did not plan on just to get my car back. I tried to negotiate a lower price for the inconvenience, yet I was harassed and verbally abused to the point where I had to call law enforcement to retrieve my car.

The store manage was extremely unprofessional and out of line especially when he threatened to sell my car the next day if I didn’t get the cash. In addition, I was discriminated against my race and when they refused my method of payment via credit card because they clearly had a credit card visa/MasterCard sign; although the work was already done, there was no “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone” sign either. It was extremely inconvenient when I had to walk the bank for cash advance and walk back on the auto shop. I was even more frustrated when I had to pay more for the cash advance, and I felt unsafe walking up the street with over 600 dollars.

This is not a legit business as advertised on the commercial.

I will give one final chance for Aamco to refund some of money I paid for in this incident. If I am not compensated at all, I will go to the better business bureau, take the owner to small claims court, get my story out to Michael Finney on Channel News, and Press charges against both the owner and the employee since they both gave me criminal threats and have my address information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Aamco Car Repair.

Reason of review: I have recording of the owner threatening to assault me.

Monetary Loss: $700.

Preferred solution: Price reduction.

Aamco Cons: Verbal threats, Overcharging, Discrimination, Them denying my credit card payment for cash, That i had to call police for my safety.

  • Harassment And Bullying
  • Criminal Threats
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