Yakima, Washington
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AAMCO is only out the get profits off their franchisee's, as a previous owner I got screwed by AAMCO home office. They actually recommended one of their own corporate workers to become our general manager, only to find out he was there to spy and literally take us down.

The only way for an AAMCO franchisee owner to survive is to screw it's customers. DO NOT ever take your car to AAMCO, they over charge. Before you take your car to an AAMCO check out the Better Business Bureau for complaints. Yes, AAMCO has been around for years but they are not what they think they are.

Total crooks!

Check out AAMCO lawsuits.com, it will show other previous franchisee owners went through the same thing. I literally had an awful center manager tell me that his customer made a mistake by saying she was going to pay her $3,000 repair bill with a trust account, once he heard that word he jacked the price up on her repairs, that is total ***, he only wanted to make the president's list, how pathetic!!!!

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:( :( :( :( they will robb u not at gun point ,,with a ball point i have been a victim .a repair that every were else under 1500.00dlls

i paid $ 2825.00 my car was apart had no choice becouse they had it apart and to take out i had to pay 800.00 f--ken iran.

@rick turner

I worked at a nc aamco.Trust me its a ripoff. No certified techs.No training.

No special tools.Not even a builder.All they want is your money.

Care less about yoy or your car.Stay well away from these places or you will be screwed. That is truth.

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