Tukwila, Washington

I took my 2002 Ford Taurus in to have it looked at because it wasn't shifting right. They originally told me it would be about 1900.00 to rebuild the tranny.

The next day they told me that the electrical in my tranny was bad too so the price went up to about 2200 and from there it went up to about 2800! So, I couldn't get it financed so they help my car for two months while I made payments on it and paid it off the day I started school. I called them on the Saturday before school and told them I had the money to pay them off and they said wait till Monday because it was stored in the back lot and he would have to get it out. So, Monday I go to pay it off and they bring it up front and started it and got a bunch of codes that weren't there before so now they are going to fix it and have it back to me by the end of the day.

I find out later that day that mice got up into my engine and chewed all of the wiring and so now it's going to be a couple of days! Well, here it is 9 days later and I still haven't got my car back! They supposedly have now replaced the computer, silinoid, all the wiring! I went in today and they said the car was ready...I made it down the road 4 blocks and the car wouldn't shift!

It was doing the exact same thing it was doing when I originally took it to them and paid them 2900.00 to fix! So they still have my car! And also, the crooked manager tried to charge me 600.00 more that what I actually owed and thank goodness I still had the receipt that he gave me for previous two payments I made which he also wrote the total cost of rebuild on and signed it or I would have had to pay an additional 600.00!

The manager is rude and crooked! He never returned my calls!

Monetary Loss: $2900.

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